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    Advance behavioral research

Benefit from combining Viso and The Observer XT - the standard in behavioral research software. Markers, comments, videos, and audio recorded in Viso are quickly and easily imported into The Observer XT for analysis, visualization, and presentation. The additional behavioral coding and analysis options in The Observer XT easily turns qualitative data into quantitative results.

The power of The Observer XT

The use of video greatly expands the scope of any research project. Annotating from video allows you to make frame-accurate descriptions of behavior. All videos recorded in Viso are easily imported into and analyzed in The Observer XT. Audio signals are also visualized, providing another graphical aid in objective behavior assessment. Detailed data analysis is easy with the user-friendly filters and intuitive workflow.


Advanced analysis by combining Viso with The Observer XT


Reliability analysis in The Observer XT

With The Observer XT’s reliability analysis, compare annotations made by different users (inter-rater reliability) or from one user (intra-rater reliability). The annotations are compared marker by marker; The Observer XT reports Cohen’s Kappa, along with a list of agreements and disagreements between users.

Data integration

The Observer XT is the ideal integration platform. It combines video with eye tracking data, facial expression data, physiological data such as heart rate or skin conductance, and much more. Make the most of your project by analyzing your Viso sessions in The Observer XT.


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