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    Share your projects

Share and collaborate

Invite collaborators to view and learn from recorded videos. Anyone with access to the IP network can participate in video collection. Collaborate on projects by giving collaborators permission to view sessions live and review them afterwards.

The videos are recorded in HD format. All sessions are automatically sorted by date and time, and saved to a predefined location. After recording, you can select files to be moved to a secure server for saving, or delete them after you have debriefed the session.

User management

The four levels of dedicated user roles provide a high level of security and complete control over who sees which recordings.

  1.  Technician: full access to all Viso functions.
  2.  Administrator: same access as technician, except for technical setup of the system and upgrading ability.
  3.  Trainer: can start/stop, use, and see his/her own recordings and files; make marker lists; and invite others to participate.
  4.  Trainees: can only access recordings after being invited.


The user management provides a high leven of security


Privacy & legislation

To ensure privacy, a user login is required before the system can be used. Each user has his/her own Dashboard that supplies up-to-date information about invited sessions, recorded sessions, and more. The audit trail within Viso keeps track of which videos were made or deleted, and who has access to them, in order to supervise all actions of all users, and help comply with legislation.

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