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Viso is the easy-to-use solution for creating video and audio recordings to educate, train, and improve the skills of your students, therapists, counselors, and employees. With Viso, you can make independent recordings in multiple rooms at once, with up to four Pan-Tilt-Zoom or stationary cameras in each room. Viso provides the video material needed to gain insights into processes, human performance, and communication.

Audio and video system

The recordings of audio and video are completely in sync. Sounds match the images perfectly!

Explainer video - This is Viso

Easy annotation & quick debriefing

View sessions live to assess student performance by marking events of interest during recording. Events can also be marked after recording if that better addresses your research questions. With a simple key press, note where things go right and where improvement is needed. During post-recording debriefing sessions, trainees discover for themselves which mistakes were made, and in subsequent sessions make improvements to their skills.

Video feedback is key to objective assessment. This makes Viso a perfect solution for education and training facilities. Programs that use simulations, carry out mock interviews, test technical and non-technical skills, and much more, can all benefit from Viso for video capture.

Immediate playblack with this AV system enables quick debriefing

Complete AV system

Viso is the multi-video, multi-room recording suite that includes everything you need to produce a high-quality project. Installation, support, and training are built in to get you started quickly! Moreover, Noldus will keep the AV system working optimally. We offer you software upgrades to the newest version, full professional support via phone/e-mail, and onsite maintenance visits, for training e.g., are included. Also, in the Online Help you will easily find information about all the topics of Viso.

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