• The video feedback tool

Education and training can take place in a wide variety of fields, and in many different settings such as classrooms, skills labs, and vocational education. Education can focus on technical theory, or on training human behavior, didactic methods, and psychological aspects.

Feedback is information about how we are doing in our efforts to reach a goal, and therefore an essential part of effective learning. Video feedback is a well-known instructional method that is applied in different training programs in order to improve professional skills.

Put learning in the picture

What makes video feedback unique is that it allows trainees to look at themselves “from a distance” and with space for reflection, thereby giving them a realistic picture of their own skills or self-image. Through repeated playing of video recordings, this method also allows a detailed analysis of a person’s behavior.

Focusing primarily on successful interactions by the trainee in order to reinforce the desired target behavior and to give the trainee a positive self-image will boost self-efficacy and lead to the behavior being displayed more frequently.


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Training software

With these features, our AV solution Viso will help you in providing immediate feedback:

  • Separate session recording – start and stop recordings in multiple rooms simultaneously, with a single click of the button
  • Codes list to mark events of interest - tag specific points that you find important or write a comment
  • Playback – the sooner the better -- numerous studies indicate that feedback is most effective when it is given immediately -- in Viso, the videos are immediately available to be re-played for debriefing
  • User management – this gives you complete control over who sees which recordings


Playback to provide consistent feedback

It is important to remember that feedback should be specific, because the specificity of the feedback helps trainees to discover the key elements of their behavior and to evaluate their performance.

Viso is the ideal solution to provide trainees with feedback and ensure a high-end training. A great benefit of Viso is that it allows you to give feedback while the assessed work is still fresh in a student’s mind and before the student moves on to subsequent tasks.

Trainers can use the Presentation view to show recorded videos to their students on a different screen. In Presentation view, no other information aside from videos are shown, which allows students to remain focused on the displayed videos. Meanwhile, markers and comments are visible to the educator so they can assist in a proper debriefing session.


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