• Recording sessions for usability testing

A focus group session allows members of the group to interact and influence each other during a discussion and consideration of varying ideas and perspectives. Focus group sessions identify the feelings, perceptions, and thoughts of the members about a particular product, service, or solution.

Focus groups are excellent for quickly eliciting new directions, ideas, enhanced functions, or different directions. Members may come from various backgrounds depending on the intended user population, but each one can bring a unique perspective to the table based on past experiences.

Capture group behavior

Using video to record focus group sessions allows you to review the sessions in depth and pick up on extra information that is often missed otherwise. It makes the focus group findings more robust.

Focus group studies often take place in labs or rooms with multiple cameras, allowing you to view the group from different angles. Viso is the ideal solution for video and audio recordings to capture group behavior in great detail.


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User research

With these features, Viso supports you in conducting research through, for example, focus group sessions:

  • PTZ cameras – capture the ideas, statements and interactions of the members from multiple angles with remotely controlled cameras
  • Screen capture set-up – capture the full computer screen to register what a user is doing
  • From anywhere in the network – start and stop a Viso recording from any viewer, even via a web interface on a tablet or smartphone
  • Searchable database – all sessions are automatically sorted by date and time, and saved to a predefined location


Responding to customer needs

Companies keep conducting research on how new technology can be used as effectively and smartly as possible. It is important to identify use-related hazards as early in development as possible. By doing so, they are able to involve customers in an early stage of the development of new services. In addition, they can improve the customer’s journey and better respond to the customer’s needs.

Usability testing gives direct input on how real users react to packaging, products, a website, or service. You can truly learn people’s preferences and why users do what they do. It also helps you measure the capacity of the product to meet its intended purpose. Video recordings can be used to observe usability testing sessions remotely in real-time. The cameras record every movement in the lab or room.

Viso enables you to annotate the behaviors of the customers, start and stop recordings from a mobile device, and view and edit the sessions live from other rooms in the building.


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