• Video recording in psychology research

Psychologists rely upon data to make sense of the world. Among the methods used for collecting data, video observation is a non-invasive form and will enable them to capture the (inter)actions of the subject(s). Video recording allows you to observe the subject remotely, without the presence of an outside person in the room. Also, video recording observations provide a high degree of reproducibility; video recordings can be re-played any number of times.

How do people interact?

Video can be used to answer questions in a variety of sites. For example, they can be used to see how children interact with a teacher in a school classroom, how museum visitors interact with one another, how patients and physicians manage consultations, and how digital resources, such as the Electronic Patient Record (EPR), shape these interactions.

Panning and zooming brings particular aspects of behavior into focus. Multiple camera views create new perspectives on the same behavior. Running the film at different speeds slows down or speeds up time. In addition, analysis of individual frames freezes time, allowing the anatomy of behavior to be dissected into its component parts. Viso can do this for you.


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The AV solution

With these features, Viso will help you answer your research questions:

  • Separate session recording – start and stop recordings in multiple rooms simultaneously, with a single click of the button
  • PTZ cameras – capture the subject(s) actions and reactions from multiple angles with remotely controlled cameras
  • Codes list to mark events of interest - tag specific points that you find important or write a comment, and easily jump right to that point in the video afterwards
  • Playback – the videos are immediately available to be re-played


If only you could be a fly on the wall…

Trainers, therapists, and researchers all want to know how students, patients, and participants behave without the feeling of having ‘big brother’ watching them. It is important to capture naturalistic behavior in an unobtrusive manner. How else could you be sure whether the student controls his/her skills, the patient gets the right diagnosis, or the participant does or does not behave as you hypothesized?

Viso enables you to be that fly on the wall in multiple rooms at once. Do you, for example, need to record mock interviews to teach a large group of students how to handle a ‘bad news conversation’ all at the same lesson hour? The new feature of Viso called ‘separate session recording’ can arrange that! As a trainer, you are able to check every location from the control room to see if the students are ready. With a single click of the record button, recordings in all rooms start (or stop) at the same time.

Afterwards, the immediate available recordings can take a central place in the debriefing session. They can be used for the trainer to analyze mock interviews together with the concerning student(s), for the therapist to discuss with a multidisciplinary team which diagnosis fits best, and for the researcher to evaluate the behaviors recorded.


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