• Capturing the user experience

It is important and extremely interesting to know what happens to your users when they interact with your product, website, application or online communications. Testing that user experience includes everything the users see, hear and do as well as their emotional reactions.

Responding to customer needs

As a developer or company, you want to know what users want and expect. Companies increasingly test every aspect of their business with real users to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. It is important to identify what users do and why they do it, as early in development of new services as possible. By doing so, you can optimize your product or service, improve the customer’s journey, and better respond to the customer’s actual needs.

Usability testing gives direct input on how real users react to packaging, products, a website, or service. It helps you measure the capacity of the product to meet its intended purpose. Video recordings can be used to observe usability testing sessions remotely in real-time. The professional IP Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras of Viso record every movement in the lab or room from different angles. Every detail is captured.

Why Viso

Viso enables you to mark the behaviors of the users, start and stop recordings from any location, as well as a mobile device, set the PTZ cameras, and view and edit the sessions live from other rooms in the building. The videos are immediately available for playback. This allows you to review the session, together with the participant, directly after finishing it.


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UX research

With these features, Viso supports you in your UX research:

  • Ease-of-use – Viso's clean interface easily guides you to efficient usability tests
  • Scalable system – from 1 to many concurrent users, and from 1 to an unlimited number of rooms
  • Screen capture – register how a user interacts with the (new) design by capturing the full screen
  • Playback videos straightaway – recorded videos are immediately available for playback from any location


Evaluate by usability testing

In a typical usability test, participants must perform a series of tasks with the design. The tasks represent actions that an end user would typically carry out with the finished product. Using video to record usability testing sessions allows you to review the sessions in depth and pick up on extra information that is often missed otherwise. It makes the findings more robust.

These testing sessions often take place in labs or rooms with multiple cameras, allowing you to view the test participants from different angles. Viso is the ideal solution for these video and audio recordings to capture the behavior of the test participants in great detail.


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