Several add-on modules expand Viso software to meet your needs.

Annotation Module

If you intend to discuss the recorded sessions with others, such as fellow researchers or the students or professionals who were recorded, the annotation module is essential. It allows the selection of subjects and markers prior to recording, during recording, and even after recording to allow maximum flexibility. 

Subjects are people in the video that are under study. Markers are used to annotate events of interest, for example, the start of a surgery session or a usability test. The marker list can contain up to 36 unique markers.

Discuss training sessions together

Scheduler Module

This module allows you to set up recordings in advance and automatically start and stop these recordings at a scheduled time. It is simple because there is no manual intervention needed; participants enter the recording room and perform their tasks while their session is recorded automatically.

The Scheduler Module makes use of a calendar, which helps you keep the overview. You don’t need to press the start button anymore, that’s controlled automatically.


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