New in Viso

What's new in the latest release

The main new features of the latest version of Viso are the additional options for importing videos into Viso. Also, the system, especially the export function, is faster than before. Read on to discover which great new things Viso has to offer.


Recording student at home teaching

Import pre-recorded videos extended

Want to annotate videos that were recorded outside Viso? That is possible with version 10 and higher. Importing pre-recorded videos also ensures for central storage and offers the possibility to debrief the session using the video in Viso.

Upgrading to Viso 10.6 ensures that you will be able to import up to 4 videos at once instead of just one, including .MOV files. This allows for import of video files from Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone, a very convenient feature.


Instructing participants using a built-in button

With the Axis Media Control tool, you can give the participants live feedback from outside the room they are in, using the built-in Push-to-Talk button in Viso. This improved feature will make sure that your lab is ‘corona-proof’ while performing an experiment; the participant is in the experiment room, the researcher or teacher in the control room, without having to meet at a short distance.

Instructing participants via the Push-to-talk functionality in Viso

Four recordings by Viso of a UX test

Video export more user-friendly

For consulting expert opinion from outside the lab or to let students review their own recordings, you may want to export videos. Until Viso 10, a single video could be exported, but what if your recording has up to 4 cameras recording?
When you want to export videos that exits of up to 4 recordings that belong together, you no longer have to search the whole database for those recordings. All up to 4 videos are exported as a single file. This one file offers you all the information in a glance. Besides, the speed of export has been improved with the upgrade of Viso 10.6.


Improved audit trail

To comply with legislations such as GDPR and HIPAA, an audit trail that creates a log file was already an important part of Viso. In version 10, the audit trail is extended. Besides all the activities regarding video creation, deletion, and access of the users, now activities regarding video import and export, as well as viewing a video is added. Moreover, the audit trail functionality is enabled by default.

Viso screenshot audit trail