Record & annotate

While using Viso, your convenience comes first! Recording sessions has never been easier. 

From your personal dashboard, you can specify which recording option best fits your training, research, or test.


Recording options in Viso

Viso offers you three different possibilities for recording a session:

  1. Single session recording - This is the default recording option for a single recording of one location.
  2. Separate session recording - Multiple rooms can be selected. For each selected room, a separate session is recorded. It enables you to start recording videos in multiple rooms at exactly the same time.
  3. Composite session recording - Multiple rooms can be selected. You can capture the scenarios in these different rooms and Viso combines the recordings into one chronological session.
    This is a very useful recording option when you need to follow your participant every step of the way throughout multiple rooms.

This animation shows an example of how the composite session recording option works in a healthcare setting.


Mark events of interest

Within Viso, you can mark events of interest using a codes list. During recording, you can do this with a simple click of a button. Or you can add comments. 

For each session, you can choose from any list of codes and annotate the desired behaviors. Events can also be marked after recording if that better addresses your questions.


Customer quote

The added value of the Viso system in the context of research mainly comes from 
the possibility of built-in annotations that are easy to use.

Dieter Vyt|Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Belgium


Mark events of interest using a codes list

Making a codes list

Codes are created by the user to annotate a session. For example, one marker or code could be “mistake” to note the moment when the trainee makes a mistake during the session.

Moreover, you can define subjects in Viso. Subjects are persons in the video, under study. They can be defined if multiple persons are observed at once, and you wish to annotate their individual behaviors.


Customer quote

"With HD video recordings that can be viewed over and over again, interprofessional learning is lifted to the next level."

George Brown Centre for Health Sciences|Toronto, Canada


Recordings by Viso of UX test with FaceReader and eye tracking

Screen recording & videos in sync

Does your scenario include a patient monitor, new website, design, or stimulus that your participant is looking at? 

With Viso, you can capture that entire screen in the recording. A convenient feature that allows you to see the complete picture. 

It is also possible to display the eye tracking gaze-overlay or facial expression data, as shown in the picture. It provides fast insights in conscious and unconscious behavior of the participant.


Quick debriefing

Recorded videos are immediately available for debriefing, and the system is instantly ready to make new recordings. This means no waiting to start a new session while you debrief on the previous session!

When working with a large number of trainees, it is impossible to attend and assess every session. Viso takes this worry away.

Debrief sessions for immediate feedback