Set up your AV system

Viso is an all-in-one system that includes everything you need to produce a high-quality project. The software has a clear interface with an efficient workflow, which makes it super easy to work with. It simplifies your work! The hardware, such as cameras, microphones, or screen capture devices, is an integrated part of the package. Furthermore, we take fully care of the installation and training of the soft- and hardware. 

Use Viso as your main AV recording tool and discover the ability to control, record, debrief, analyze, and share sessions.



Integrated multiple-room setup

Recordings can occur across multiple buildings at once! This provides you with the freedom to design your training facility as needed. You can build the custom recording solution you need:

1.    Decide on the number of rooms/locations you want to manage

2.    Select the number of cameras and/or screen capture devices per room

3.    Position cameras and microphones as desired

Record sessions in multiple rooms and across multiple buildings

Customer quote

The features of the product such as the multiple room setup up with a simple user interface, the ability to have remote access, the level of support, and the ease of integration with other products and hardware made it a clear choice.

Sean Rooney|The London School of Economics, United Kingdom


Cameras, screen capture devices, and audio included

Up to four Pan-Tilt-Zoom Internet Protocol (IP) cameras or stationary cameras can be installed per room. The videos are recorded in HD format. Viso allows for remote starting/stopping of recordings, as well as PTZ adjustments within the software, from any location. 

All recordings are automatically sorted by date and time, and saved at a predefined location. In conjunction with camera recordings, screen capture can also occur, which provides a complete overview of the scenario.

Moreover, the complete integrated setup includes a professional microphone and speaker system that enables high quality audio recordings in sync with video.

Read the free white paper 'How to build an AV-Lab' to learn more about the set-up.


Remote viewing with the Viso Web App

Start and stop recordings remotely with Viso Web App, or view live video streams and review recorded sessions, from any location and on any device, such as iPhones and iPads. This allows you to join sessions from outside of the Viso lab and to involve stakeholders, allowing them to join the session from their own desk.

A combined view in the Viso Web App
Start and stop recording a session with Viso Web App

Portable Viso Lab to record sessions on-site

Portable Viso Lab

For recording sessions on-site, for example in classrooms of various schools, daycare facilities, multiple consultation rooms, or operating rooms, it will come in handy to have a flexible lab which you can take with you anywhere you go. The solution for this is the Portable Viso Lab!

It is compact and complete and easy to set up. It contains all equipment needed to make live recordings in any context. Just open the suitcase, set up your lab equipment, plug in, and record!


User management

The four levels of dedicated user roles provide a high level of security and complete control over who sees which recordings.

  1. Technician 
    Full access to all Viso functions.
  2. Administrator 
    Same access as technician, except for technical setup of the system and upgrading ability.
  3. Trainer 
    Can start/stop, use, and see his/her own recordings and files; make marker lists; and invite others to participate.
  4. Trainees 
    Can only access recordings after being invited.

The Viso Administrator specifies the user role of each user. The table on the right summarizes the rights of the different user roles.

Read the free white paper 'Viso behind the scenes' to learn more about the components of Viso.

The four levels of user roles explained

A user login is required for using Viso

Privacy & legislation

To ensure privacy, a user login is required before the system can be used. Each user has his/her own Dashboard that supplies up-to-date information about invited sessions, recorded sessions, and more. Viso operates on a closed network. No personal information (name, address, financial data, patient information, etc.) is stored in the system.

The audit trail within Viso keeps track of which videos were made or deleted, and who has access to them, in order to supervise all actions of all users, and help comply with GDPR and HIPAA legislation.



Noldus will keep the AV system working optimally. We offer you software upgrades to the newest version, full professional support via phone/e-mail, and onsite maintenance visits, for training e.g., are included. Also, in the Online Help you will easily find information about all the topics of Viso.