• George Brown Centre for Health Sciences


With integrated solutions and expert consultancy from Noldus, Toronto’s George Brown Centre for Health Sciences created a modern simulated learning environment that provides trainees an opportunity to put theory into practice in a safe and controlled environment. By combining innovative technology, a state-of-the-art facility, and highly experienced faculty, George Brown College students are exposed to the best the industry has to offer.

Simulation Centre, Toronto, Canada

Noldus Information Technology enriched this Simulation Centre with all their latest innovations: Viso, TrackLab, and The Observer XT including advanced analysis, multiple video recording, and physiological data integration. A modern simulated learning environment that allows the student an opportunity to put theory into practice in a safe and controlled environment. It allows George Brown faculty to focus on what really matters: providing students with feedback on their skills and practices.

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Learning is lifted to the next level

The interprofessional approach they follow is supported by technology from Noldus. For example, the nursing and dental faculties work together to develop emergency scenarios in order to assist dental hygiene students in providing care to a client who may develop chest pain or shortness of breath. With HD video recordings that can be viewed over and over again, interprofessional learning is lifted to the next level.

Two large medical simulation rooms equipped with Ubisense sensors and analyzed by TrackLab software from Noldus will track staff when they carry out activities in the rooms. Analysis will provide valuable insights in spatial behavior of professionals. Ubisense tracking technology is so powerful that it analyzes behavior through curtains and around hospital beds, with an accuracy to within 30 cm.

Prepare trainees for future placement and work opportunities

Within the Simulation Centre, trainees will work through a wide range of scenarios in various healthcare settings or the home environment. From developing therapeutic communication skills, to caring for complex critically ill infants and adults, these scenarios will help prepare trainees for future placement and work opportunities. Noldus’ The Observer XT software,facilitates research ambitions at George Brown College to keep the faculty innovating and advance practical learning.

With the professional research software from Noldus and the power of integration (video, audio, and physiology), George Brown College will stay at the forefront of medical training. No other college in Ontario exposes as many students to as many simulated learning experiences during an academic year as does George Brown College.