Webinars & Technical Briefings

Over the last few months, we have hosted several webinars, technical briefings and virtual meet-ups. To be able to replay the webinar, you can register yourself for the webinar of your choice! Fill in the form, and you will receive a link to the webinar.

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screenshot webinar zebrafish studies

Zebrafish Research


Zebrafish, a small vertebrate that is increasingly important in neuroscience research, has much more in common with humans than you would expect. 

In this webinar, you will get an overview of new techniques and current developments in zebrafish research tools, from video tracking to complete systems, and how scientists worldwide use such tools. 

For more information on zebrafish research tools, please visit https://www.noldus.com/applications/zebrafish-video-tracking.


Tools and methods for Facial Action Coding

Technical briefing

In this technical briefing, you will learn more about different tools that can be used to objectively measure AUs. We will also discuss how you can look at the AUs not only from an emotional, but also a functional point of view.

For more information, please visit: https://www.noldus.com/applications/facial-action-coding-system.

screenshot webinar facial action coding

screenshot webinar behavior recognition

Automated Rodent Behavior Recognition with EthoVision XT

Technical briefing

In this technical briefing, you will learn more about EthoVision XT’s module Automatic Behavior Recognition: how it works and what you can use it for. 

For more information about Automatic Behavior Recognition, please visit https://www.noldus.com/ethovision-xt/behavior-recognition.


How to measure emotions

30-minute talk

In this 30-minute talk, you will learn more about the theory of constructed emotions and how it differs from Ekman’s classical view on emotional expressions.

For more information, please visit the blog post 'how to measure emotions': https://www.noldus.com/blog/how-to-measure-emotions.

screenshot webinar measure emotions

screenshot webinar behavioral coding

Behavioral Coding - Designing optimal coding schemes in The Observer XT

Technical briefing

In this Noldus Technical Briefing, we will show you how to create coding schemes that allow you to reach your behavioral endpoints but, at the same time, are clear enough for efficient and reliable coding.

For more information, please visit https://www.noldus.com/applications/behavioral-coding-analysis.


Tools for preclinical COVID-19 research

Technical briefing

In this technical briefing, Dr. Lucas Noldus will review relevant animal models, behavioral and physiological biomarkers related to COVID-19, and how these can be measured automatically using appropriate sensors and software.

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screenshot webinar ethovision excel

Data analysis, organization, and visualization in EthoVision XT and Microsoft Excel

Technical briefing

In 45 minutes you will learn more about the typical workflow in EthoVision XT. Learn how you can select, analyze, organize and export your data! The Noldus Trainer Wilant van Giessen will show you the software and guide you through with tips and tricks.

For more information on EthoVision XT, please visit https://www.noldus.com/ethovision-xt.