UX Research Tools for analyzing and visualizing your user research

UX Research Tools for analyzing and visualizing your user research

Posted by Natasja Bogers on Fri 25 Jun. 2021 - 2 minute read

UX Research and tools go hand in hand. Don’t we all want tools to make our daily work and life a little easier? While there are plenty of tools that would work for both work and daily life, I’d like to focus on UX research tools specifically for user researchers.

5 UX Research Tools for your user research

It is extremely important and interesting to know what happens to your users when they interact with your product, website, application, or tool. Testing that user experience includes everything the users see, hear, and do as well as their emotional reactions.

Planning and conducting user experience tests can be time-consuming. With these UX research tools you can take your user research to a higher level and save valuable time!

Miro: Online whiteboard

Miro is an online collaboration platform that can be used for team collaboration. It is a handy whiteboard tool to plan and prep for user research, and keep your team organized during projects. It can be used for many things, from brainstorming and ideation to agile workflows, strategy meetings, and visual mapping and diagramming. Best of all? You can start using it for free!

CubeHX: Data visualization tool 

CubeHX is a new visualization tool for UX research. This cloud-based software platform combines different types of behavioral data collected from usability and UX research in order to provide fast and rich insights.

How does it work? By triangulating facial expressions, physical reactions, and eye tracking data, Cube provides UX researchers and designers with unique insights on what actually generates emotion or cognitive load on their interface. This makes it a useful tool for professionals developing websites, mobile apps, software user interfaces, advertisements, and other graphical designs.

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FaceReader Online: Facial expression and emotion analysis

Capturing emotions by analyzing facial expressions offers additional and objective insights into the impact, appreciation, liking (and disliking) of websites and apps, commercials, movie trailers, and so on. FaceReader Online is an independent, online tool for facial expressions and emotion analysis. It delivers you direct insight into user responses – such as joy, anger, or arousal.

You can incorporate FaceReader Online in your UX and market research to get more insights into user experience. As it runs on a cloud server you do not need any on-site installation, enabling user testing while participants stay at home.

Hotjar: Behavior analytics of your website users

Hotjar is a tool that provides behavior analytics and product experience insights beyond traditional web analytics tools like Google Analytics.

The online service works by adding snippets of code to your website, and recording anything during user sessions, from mouse movements to scrolling and clicks. These insights will help you to better understand your users, and get their feedback through tools like heatmaps, polls, and surveys.

Viso: Audio/video feedback tool for user experience research

Viso is an easy-to-use solution for creating video and audio recordings in order to capture behaviors and interactions of test participants. It's an all-in-one system for recording and playback, making it an ideal tool to use in trainings and usability & user testing.

You can use it for independent recordings in multiple rooms at once, and score events of interest quick and easy. With these markers – set with just a single click of a button – you can find back interesting moments during a research, like responses or usability errors, in no time.

FREE DEMO: Try Viso yourself!

Request a free demonstration to find out why Viso is the right tool for your UX research!

  • Easy-to-use solution
  • Create video and audio recordings
  • Ideal tool to conduct UX studies

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