New, The PhenoTyper 2

PhenoTyper 2 brings the long awaited update to our integrated home-cage. With the PhenoTyper 2 you can have a better video quality and interchangeable camera. Furthermore, the PhenoTyper 2 adds a modular top unit to further adapt the PhenoTyper 2 to your needs.

Get ready for the future of behavioral science

We are always working on improving our products, by making them more versatile, user-friendly and robust, without compromising on quality. PhenoTyper has served as a home-cage in many companies and research institutes for almost 20 years and has appeared in more than 650 publications. With the release of PhenoTyper 2 we excited to enhance rodent research all over the world.

The PhenoTyper is a fully configurable instrumented observation system for measuring and testing the behaviors of laboratory rodents. Every cage can be equipped to your specific needs with a range of sensors and stimuli.

  • Customizable to your specific experimental needs

  • Optimized environment for use with video tracking (EthoVision XT)

  • From short term behavioral observations to 24/7 long term tests

Future Proof Modular Top Unit

The most striking new design feature of the new PhenoTyper 2 is its modular top unit. This top unit includes 9 modular pieces integrated into the top unit. These modular pieces can be removed and in the future be swapped out for top unit integrated add-ons. Think of specific light spots, buzzers that produce sounds, or modules that can measure and control environmental factors, like temperature. 

With the new top unit, no room lighting is necessary. The PhenoTyper 2 provides its own Infrared and white light. The white light comes from a internal light ring that evenly distributes the light on the bottom. This means that experiments do not have to rely on external room lighting. Therefore, your detection settings are not influenced by shadows, making your behavioral tracking better. Furthermore, with this internal light ring you can easily simulate day night cycles during your study without human interference. 

topunit phenotyper 2

Camera phenotyper 2

Interchangeable Digital Camera

Directly above the center of the cage a camera module is located that can house any camera that you need for your experiment. Whether it is a thermal, color or monochromatic camera, the position is always consistent. A standard high definition B&W Gig-E Basler camera will be shipped with your PhenoTyper 2, but this can be changed for any camera you need. This camera is major update in quality compared to the old PhenoTyper. This allows researchers to observe the animals in greater detail. Moreover, wires can be fed through the camera module for optogenetic and miniature microscopy purposes.

Fully Backward Compatible

If you already own an old PhenoTyper set-up, don't worry. The new PhenoTyper 2 top unit is fully backward compatible. This means that you don't have to replace the walls, cables and various add-ons you are using in your set-up. Just install the new top unit and you are good to go. In this table you can see the differences between the original PhenoTyper and the new PhenoTyper 2.

PhenoTyper Table version comparison

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