5 reasons why using PhenoTyper could improve your research

  1. A versatile system

    There is not just one PhenoTyper, there is only your PhenoTyper. The size, walls, and add-ons can be adjusted to your specific preferences and needs. Due to this flexibility, the PhenoTyper can be used for a variety of long- and short-term tests. Having a PhenoTyper in your lab allows you to use one device for these types of observations.

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  2. Better data quality

    Save time and decrease time-based variances, by conducting multiple repetitions at the same time. You can use multiple PhenoTypers simultaneously to increase the throughput of your experiment.

    The PhenoTyper has all the requirements to serve as the subject’s home-cage. Once the subject is well adjusted to its cage it will experience less stress during the experiment.

    Moreover, once you set up your PhenoTyper, you can take your measurements with a constant camera position and programmed timed events. Consistency is key considering repeatability.

  3. Easier data acquisition

    The PhenoTyper is powered by EthoVision XT, this makes a lot of the data acquisition process automated. The PhenoTyper was developed with EthoVision XT in mind and thus is the ideal tool to perform video tracking.

    The PhenoTyper is constantly being developed so stay on the lookout for new improvements that make the PhenoTyper even better.

  4. Validated paradigms

    In the PhenoTyper you can:
    • Video tracking with EthoVision XT
    • Use light to do anxiety response tests
    • Test operant conditioning with various add-ons like the activity wheel and the cognition wall.
    • Accommodate multiple animals to test social interaction.
    • Do optogenetic research in rodents. The optic fiber devices (such as Prizmatix) can be easily built into the PhenoTyper.

  5. A great track record

    Since the launch in 2004, PhenoTyper has become increasingly popular in researchers' behavioral tool kit. Used and validated in thousands of publications in renowned journals, it has a proven track record and increases your publication power!

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