Rodent ultrasonic vocalizations

UltraVox XT

Capture the full acoustic spectrum to process and analyze rodent ultrasonic calls and other animal vocalizations.

  • Full-spectrum sound capture with one microphone

  • Real-time waveform and spectrogram

  • Easy integration with other behavioral data


UltraVox with PC integrated image rodents

How does it work?

UltraVox XT analyzes sound, including ultrasonic vocalizations made by rodents. You can select calls visually in a spectrogram and categorize similar calls based on frequency, amplitude, duration, and time gaps. Easy export to EthoVision XT and The Observer XT allows you to combine the acoustical events with other behavioral data.


Who uses it?

Identifying ultrasonic vocalizations in rodents is useful in studies on social behavior (e.g. autism related) and anxiety or pain studies, such as those in drug development and safety studies. Besides studying the number and durations of the calls, researchers use spectrograms to identify other characteristics of calls.

Mastomys three mouse white brown sitting

Why use it?

  • Easy and affordable system
  • Full-spectrum sound capture with one microphone
  • Easy integration with other behavioral data
  • Real-time waveform and spectrogram
  • Easy call selection
  • Easy definition and labeling of calls
  • Compact setup

Find more information on the 'Analyze vocalizations' and the 'Benefits' pages.

UltraVox UI 1

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