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Social Media Lab

The Social Media Lab in Mons, Belgium brings together researchers, students, professionals, and professors from different disciplines (communication, marketing, journalism, computer science, etc.). Together they try to understand the digital world, train themselves in the use of new technology, and learn more and advice about new professional practices.


User Experience Lab / Social Media Lab components


The Social Media Lab at UCL

The research center of communication of UCL acquired a true laboratory of expertise in the digital world. The Social Media Lab's research has a theoretical, practical, and technological scope: the analysis of interactions and uses makes it possible to identify new needs and new tools and to support their implementation and use by researchers and professionals.

The activities in this Social Media Lab can be assigned into three main areas:

  • Service to society: the SML is committed to developing relationships with professionals and civil society actors active on socio-digital media issues;
  • Research: SML wants to be a laboratory of expertise in technological appropriations and unique interface design in Belgium;
  • and finally, Education.
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