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The fields of education and training, clinical psychology, user experience, and healthcare in particular have found Viso to be an invaluable tool that drives growth and performance. 

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Viso can be applied to almost every need or market

Education and training

Education and training can take place in a wide variety of fields, and in many different settings such as classrooms and skills labs. Education can focus on technical theory, or on training human behavior, didactic methods, and psychological aspects. 

Viso is made for education and training! It enables the teacher to show students their behavior during debriefing and engage them in feedback. It will help them develop their reviewing skills and it will achieve active learning.

Feedback is an essential part of effective learning since it provides information about how we are doing in our efforts to reach a goal. 

Video feedback is a well-known instructional method that is applied in different training programs in order to improve professional skills, such as conversation or presentation skills. Viso can support you in this!


Viso as the video feedback tool

What makes video feedback unique is that it allows students to look at themselves “from a distance” and with space for reflection, thereby giving them a realistic picture of their own skills or self-image. Together, the student and teacher are able to zoom in on the specific episodes that are most relevant. 

A great benefit of Viso is that it allows you to give feedback with personalized markers, while the assessed work is still fresh in a student’s mind. This strengthens the learning effect!

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Free white paper

Video feedback in skills education

Discover the 10 reasons why video feedback is essential in skills education. This white paper will show you:

  • what the benefits are for a student’s leaning process
  • what the advantages are for the teacher/training manager
  • practical examples

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Start recordings with a single click

Do you, for example, need to record mock interviews to teach a large group of students how to handle a ‘bad news conversation’ all at the same lesson hour? The feature of Viso called ‘separate session recording’ can arrange that! 

As a trainer, you are able to check every location from the control room to see if the students are ready. With a single click of the record button, recordings in all rooms start (or stop) at the same time.


The healthcare industry is an ever-changing field that requires extensive skills and training for its professionals. Different disciplines work together to ensure high quality patient care, and they need to be prepared for the teamwork involved.


Simulation in healthcare

A simulation-based training in healthcare is key to improving patient outcomes and ensuring quality of life. It can serve for hands-on skills training, conducting realistic medical simulations, and test new technologies. 

A clinical simulation facility reflects the realities encountered in actual care settings. Recording such a simulation-based training with Viso is easy, unobtrusive, and very effective!


A simulation lab with Viso at the core

Both medical and nursing students and professionals can benefit of training courses in a clinical simulation lab. With Viso at the core of the lab, students and professionals can practice the following in a safe learning environment:

  • non-technical skills (e.g. CRM, communication, collaboration, team leading, and team building)
  • technical skills (e.g. how to best use medical equipment, prioritizing, critical thinking, decision-making, and situational awareness)
  • quickly giving feedback
  • overseeing the whole situation
Remotely view medsim training sessions
Debrief the medsim training session

User experience

It is important and extremely interesting to know what happens to your users when they interact with your product, website, application or online communications. Testing that user experience includes everything the users see, hear, and do as well as their emotional reactions.

Viso’s easy-to-use interface makes scoring events of interest quick and easy. For example, with a simple click of a button, select a marker to note that your participant made a usability error, or responded as “surprised” to the presented advertisement.

Testing the user experience with Viso

Evaluate by usability testing

Video recordings can be used to observe usability testing sessions remotely in real-time. With Viso, the videos are immediately available for playback. This allows you to evaluate the session directly after finishing it. 

Play back the videos as often as desired, as they are clearly organized and findable in Viso.  Post-session discussion of markers and outcomes leads to immediate improvement of procedures, products, or other usability issues.

KPN set up a User Experience Lab

Capture the mother-child interaction

Psychology research

Psychologists rely upon data to make sense of the world. Among the methods used for collecting data, video observation is a non-invasive form and will enable them to capture the (inter)actions of the subject(s). 

For example, autism researchers often wish to note events of interest related to the reaction of the child towards his or her parent in particular circumstances. Viso can do this for you!


Multiple camera views

How do people interact?

Much psychology research deals with interactions, such as those between parent and child, between teacher and scholar, or between peers. Video recording allows you to observe the subjects remotely, without the presence of an outside person in the room.

Panning and zooming brings particular aspects of behavior into focus. Multiple camera views create new perspectives on the same behavior. 


Video recording in psychology research

Video recording observations provide a high degree of reproducibility; video recordings can be re-played any number of times. The immediate available recordings of Viso can take a central place in the evaluation of such an observation session. 

For example, they can be used for the therapist to discuss with a multidisciplinary team which diagnosis fits best, and for the researcher to analyze the behaviors recorded.


Customer quote

"We developed a great clinical space where we could train our undergraduates and our graduates in counseling techniques and be able to give them the skills and the real-time feedback about how to develop competent counseling skills."

Dr. Audrey ErvinDelaware Valley University, USA


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