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User Experience

Viso is ideal for testing user experience and usability. With Viso, evaluate a product, website, or service by recording the usability test with a test participant and gain insights on how your users interact with the new design.

Viso’s easy-to-use interface makes scoring events of interest quick and easy. For example, with a simple click of a button, select a marker to note that your participant made a usability error, or responded as “surprised” to the presented advertisement.

Playback the videos as often as desired, as they are clearly organized and findable in Viso.  Post-session discussion of markers and outcomes leads to immediate improvement of procedures, products, or other usability issues. 

Process simulation


In patient-centered healthcare, perceived quality of care and patient satisfaction are important indicators of care quality. A medical simulation lab, with Viso at the core of the lab, enables researchers to develop realistic scenarios in which to study a range of human-system interactions in a controlled environment.

Simulation facilities provide a lifelike point-of-care learning experience for students, specialists, and experts. By conducting training sessions, students in the lab develop and maintain knowledge, skills, and competencies such as interviewing skills, working with novel equipment, teamwork procedures, and so on. With Viso, recordings are easily captured, and immediate viewing facilitates debriefing after each scenario.

Teamwork training conducted in the simulated environment offers additive benefits to traditional didactic instruction, enhances performance, and helps reduce errors. Viso is the ideal recording solution for this type of teamwork training.


Much psychology research deals with interactions, such as those between parent and child, between teacher and scholar, or between peers. Goals of this research could be to assess child development, train new psychologists, or examine dyadic relationships.

Interaction research becomes much easier with video observations. The ability to record from multiple rooms at once enhances the speed of interaction research. With Viso, not only is multi-room recording easy to do, but the subjects and markers in Viso further facilitate capturing actions and reactions between two or more people. For example, autism researchers often wish to note events of interest related to the reaction of the child towards his or her parent in a particular circumstances.

Viso enables therapists to record children’s behavior, and immediately debrief as often as necessary. Markers and comments made during the session help in determining a diagnosis.


During their training, clinical psychology students must practice their therapist-patient conversations. High quality feedback, immediately after training sessions, is necessary to hone students’ interview techniques.

Video is a proven tool to better educate, and train students at any level of the educational process. Therefore, Viso is the ideal instrument for clinical skills assessments. With Viso, training facilities can easily capture multiple training sessions at once, and debriefing is immediate and easy. Together, the student and trainer are able to zoom in on the specific episodes that are most relevant.

With multiple rooms assessed at once, trainers can observe videos of multiple students simultaneously.