Top 10 benefits

The top 10 reasons why Viso will benefit your work are gathered in a infographic. Have a look and discover how cool this AV recording tool works.  


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How to build an AV-Lab

An Audio Visual lab is designed to allow you to observe your test participants unobtrusively. Do you want to learn more how to set up an AV-lab? Read on!

Viso behind the scenes

If you're interested in Viso and seeking for additional details about what Viso entails, please fill in the form to download the paper and take a look behind the scenes.

Customer stories in healthcare

In this paper, we summed up several customer stories for you to showcase their experiences as examples of what to expect from Viso and our services.

Video feedback in skills education

Discover the 10 reasons why video feedback is essential in skills education. What are the benefits for a student’s learning process and what are advantages for the trainer?

Simulation-based training: why?

A well-constructed simulation-based training is an important part of the development and learning process of knowledge and skills. Discover here the 5 reasons why.


Having a lifelike experience

When a simulation-based training takes place in an immersive room, it offers a lifelike experience. Moreover, by adding Viso as the video feedback tool, efficient debriefing of the training is assured. 

In this video, Dennie Wulterkens, paramedic and owner of Secta Medical, informs us about the benefits.


Customer quote

"Viso is a dedicated debrief program, the sessions are filmed from different angles and we can go back to certain moments which we can highlight, to make sure everybody can look back at their own performance. That is very worthwhile."

Dennie Wulterkens|Secta Medical, The Netherlands


Multi-room training space

Dr. Audrey Ervin from Delaware Valley University, PA, USA, explains how the counseling psychology team was able to build a lab space that suited their educational needs. Delaware Valley University uses Viso as their AV and feedback solution.

And, they're looking towards expanding their facility in order to accommodate even more students!


More customer stories

Various customers who use Viso in their facility tell us more about how they apply Viso and what their experiences are. 

For example, Toronto’s George Brown Centre for Health Sciences created a modern simulated learning environment that provides trainees an opportunity to put theory into practice in a safe and controlled environment. 

KPN set up a User/Customer Experience Lab (UX/CX Lab) to be able to connect with their customers. 

And multiprofessional teams from a large obstetric collaborative network in the area of the Máxima Medical Center Veldhoven use Viso to train in teamwork skills using the principles of Crew Resource Management (CRM).

Capture the doctor-patient interaction
The User Experience Lab of KPN
Capture team performance

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Psychology research (interactive)

Superior behavior recording and analysis is possible in an AV lab. Facilitating educational research, developmental psychology studies, or infant behavior studies.

Healthcare research (interactive)

Medical professionals, nurses and students benefit from trainings in a simulation lab. Let us help you choose the tools you need in your education and research.

User experience research

Improve your user experience testing and research facility with integrated and easy-to-use equipment and software from Noldus. Unprecedented capabilities!

Neuroscience research

Tools and integrated lab solutions for research in cognitive workload, language acquisition, and developmental behavior studies. Eye tracking, video, and physiology.

Consumer behavior research

Really understand your customer by getting real insights into behavior actions. Observational studies give insight into unconscious decision making. Learn more!


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Schedule your AV recordings

The Scheduling Module allows you to set up recordings in advance

Easy-to-use & scalable AV solution

Viso software records all audio and video feeds in perfect sync.

Recording composite sessions

How to get a more detailed and elaborate training situation


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