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White paper how to build an AV Lab

How to build an AV-lab

An AudioVisual lab is designed to allow you to observe your test participants unobtrusively. Do you want to learn more how to set up an AV-lab? Read on!
White paper behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

If you're interested in Viso and seeking for additional details about what Viso entails, please fill in the form to download the paper and take a look behind the scenes.
White paper customer stories in healthcare

Customer stories

In this paper, we summed up several customer stories for you to showcase their experiences as examples of what to expect from Viso and our services. 

Product overview

Product overview consumer behavior research

Consumer Behavior Research

Really understand your customer by getting real insights into behavior actions. Observational studies give insight into unconscious decision making. Learn more!
Product overview healthcare research

Healthcare Research

Medical professionals, nurses and students benefit from trainings in a simulation lab. Let us help you choose the tools you need in your education and research.
Product overview neuroscience

Neuroscience Research

Tools and integrated lab solutions for research in cognitive workload, language acquisition, and developmental behavior studies. Eye tracking, video, and physiology.
Product overview psychology


Superior behavior recording and analysis is possible in a Noldus lab. Facilitating educational research, developmental psychology studies, or infant behavior studies.
Product overview user experience research

User Experience Research

Improve your user experience testing and research facility with integrated and easy-to-use equipment and software from Noldus. Unprecedented capabilities!


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