1. Ease-of-use

    Viso's clean interface easily guides you to an efficient workflow. Navigating through the program is quick and simple.

  2. Scalable system

    The uniqueness of Viso is that you can record in an unlimited number of rooms simultaneously. With one to many concurrent users, and from one to many concurrent sessions.

  3. Play back videos straightaway

    Recorded videos, including markers and comments, are immediately available to be replayed from any location. 

  4. Use a self-created set of markers

    Tag specific points that stand out during a session, for example learning goals, and easily jump right to those points in the video during debriefing. It enables to quickly give feedback with personalized markers.

    viso screenshot trainer playback meeting modern office
  5. Schedule and manage recordings

    Set up recordings in advance and automatically start and stop these recordings at a scheduled time. An ideal solution when operating in a multi-room lab in which multiple sessions occur simultaneously.

  6. Capture behavior with high-end cameras

    Control your cameras from within the software, using Pan-Tilt Zoom. Record the subject(s) actions and reactions from multiple angles with up to four cameras per room.

  7. Remote viewing & control

    Start and stop recordings, and view and review recorded sessions from wherever you are on any device, using the Viso Web App

    Viso Web app iPhone combined view UX setting zoomed in
  8. Screen capture as a data stream

    Register how a subject interacts with the (new) design by capturing the full screen. Displaying eye tracking or facial expression data is also possible.

  9. High level of security

    A user login is required, and the four different user roles determine the available rights and functionalities.

  10. Advanced behavioral research 

    Benefit from combining Viso and The Observer XT - the standard in behavioral research software. Markers, comments, videos, and audio recorded in Viso are quickly and easily imported into The Observer XT for analysis, visualization, and presentation.

  11. All-in-one system 

    Multiple rooms and recorders are connected in one reliable and stable integrated setup.

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