5 reasons to attend Measuring Behavior 2024

5 reasons to attend Measuring Behavior 2024

Posted by Huib van den Heuvel on Mon 22 Apr. 2024 - 3 minute read

Measuring Behavior is the conference for all those interested in new methods and tools for measuring the behavior of people and animals. We go over 5 reasons why you should attend Measuring Behavior 2024. Also, it is almost May and therefore we have also included some of the presentations and tutorials you can attend during your visit to Aberdeen. 

1. It has a unique focus on tools and methods

Most scientific conferences focus on the results of studies. However, without methods, there are no results. In recent years, results of previous studies in the behavioral sciences have been called into question because of errors in their methods or because they cannot be reproduced. Therefore, correct methods are vital, and papers associated with methods often have the highest citation rate. Measuring Behavior is mostly focussed on discussing and exploring methods old and new. At the conference you can learn about the latest innovations in rodent, zebrafish, and many other animal  and human behavioral research methods. This edition of the conference will have three keynote speakers. These are, zebrafish expert Robert Gerlai (whom we visited last year), professor of mental state monitoring Anne-Marie Brouwer, and lastly Albert Ali Salah who will give a keynote presentation on designing computational tools for behavioral and clinical science. 


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2. Measuring Behavior has a strong multi-disciplinary focus

At Measuring Behavior you will meet neuroscientists, psychologists, engineers, AI experts, computer scientists, animal welfare experts, livestock researchers, and many more. Experts in measuring both animal and human behavior will be there. Whilst some sessions focus on the detailed issues of a particular discipline, others take advantage of the multitudes of expertise present to discuss cross-cutting issues. You can attend a great variety of symposia to spark your curiosity. For example, 

  • AI advances in pose estimation and behavior recognition in laboratory animals — Loes Ottink, Noldus Information Technology
  • Methods for the Study of Olfactory learning and Memory — Richard Brown, Dalhousie University
  • Digital Innovations in Home Cage Monitoring: Advancing Animal Welfare and Pharmaceutical Development— Stefano Gaburro, Tecniplast
  • Measuring behavior and physiology in and around the cockpit – Anne-Marie Brouwer, TNO and Radboud University
  • Behavioural phenotyping of genetic mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease and frontotemporal dementia — Szu-Han Wang, University of Edinburgh

This isn't even the complete list. You can find the full list of symposia here.

3. Demonstrations of the latest technical innovations

Measuring Behavior has the normal range of program elements, with symposia, workshops, posters, tutorials, commercial exhibition and social events. In addition, there is the demonstration showcase in which both companies and academics present new inventions and prototypes. Those presentations are often very dynamics and interactive, so that you can be amazed and inspired by the latest innovations in behavioral analysis. Throughout the conference multiple companies will give a demonstration of their latest innovations, which you can listen to and interact with.  

  • Climbing test for automated measurement of vertical activity in mice – Frederico Montechiaro (Ugo Basile)
  • The Ethometer – Willem Dekkers (Royal GD)
  • Advanced in-depth phenotyping smart cage – Michael Florea (Olden Labs)
  • Beats – Alard Weisscher (Eumedia)
  • A New Approach to Setting Up Operant Conditioning Experiments – Aishwarya Vishwanathan (Stoelting Europe)

You can find the schedule to these demonstrations here.

Measuring behavior conference 2018

4. It is a well-established conference series, with a rich history

Measuring Behavior 2024 will be the thirteenth edition of the conference. The series started as a small workshop in the Netherlands in 1996 and over the years has grown to a well-established scientific meeting. It is sponsored by the industry (Noldus IT is the main sponsor, and they ensure continuity from edition to edition), but it is scientifically independent. Competing companies to Noldus also attend, and they present papers and participate in the exhibition. The scientific presentations are all blind peer-reviewed. 

5. Scotland is absolutely stunning

Aberdeen is in North-East Scotland. It fronts onto the sea coast, with its sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs. More inland, there are many historic castles and the magnificent Grampian Mountains in the Cairngorms National Park. Aberdeen itself is an attractive bustling city. It was historically a fishing port and in recent years has benefited from the prosperity brought by the oil industry. 

Dunnottar Castle

Even more things to do at Measuring Behavior

Of course, the things we mentioned in this blog are not the only events you can visit while you are at Measuring Behavior. There will also be tutorials on how to use certain methods and tools. Furthermore, posters are featured in the same room as the commercial exhibition. On the Thursday the presenters of the posters will stand by their poster to answer question or elaborate on their publication.

Lastly, Measuring Behavior is not only about technology and science. It is also about networking and having a great time while doing so. Therefore, we encourage you to join us at the conference dinner and reception, which are held in some of the most beautiful buildings in Aberdeen. 

If you have any additional questions regarding the measuring behavior conference, you can find all the specific contact information here.

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