Video tracking, automated behavioral analysis, gait analysis, high throughput and high-content screening, and much more...

EthoVision XT

Sometimes you just need it all. Video tracking offers a wealth of objective data, and EthoVision XT even automatically recognizes specific behaviors! The latest release offers an adjustable layout for the statistics (great for export!) and copy-paste for trial control and data selection protocols. Find out for yourself if this suits your research - request a free trial



Zebrafish are still gaining popularity as lab animals - embryos, larvae, and adults. At Noldus we have a wide range of tools for all kinds of behavioral tests for these striped little fish. From software to measure activity, heartbeat, and flow in embryos and larvae, to video tracking the movement of adults in several learning, anxiety, or social behavior paradigms. 

Zebrafish research


TrackLab is all about animal welfare, health and productivity. For barn facilities,  outdoor pastures or feedlots, and even in BSL-3 biocontainment labs: your solution for sensor-based tracking of all common livestock (cattle, poultry, pigs, sheep, goats, horses). Get great data analysis for insight into place-preference, social behavior, activity and feeding!


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Are you intested in EthoVision XT, The Observer XT or TrackLab? But you are not sure if it will fit your research? Contact us! Let us know about your research, and we can tell you all about Noldus solutions, or show you in a demo. 

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