Should you buy EthoVision XT? Reviews from our customers

Should you buy EthoVision XT? Reviews from our customers

Posted by Laura Slaa on Tue 05 Jul. 2022 - 2 minute read

Are you wondering if EthoVision XT might be the right tool for your study? Our video tracking software EthoVision XT has been used in a variety of studies and has been published in over 30,000 publications, so there might be a chance it could be of good use for you as well. In this blog we sum up some of our favorite and honest customer reviews about EthoVision XT.

EthoVision XT user opinions

In a survey we did in 2021, we asked the users of EthoVision XT to rate the advantage in saving time when using EthoVision XT for data acquisition. The options ranged from ‘no advantage at all’ to ‘vital advantage’. The option ‘big advantage’ definitely stood out with 55% of the EthoVision XT users. Even 30% of the users saw a vital advantage with EthoVision XT.

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EthoVision XT helping in research against bipolar disorder

In the Judith Homberg lab at the Donders Insitute of Radboud University in Nijmegen, postdoctoral researcher Mina Sadighi Alvandi, is doing research into the neuroscience of bipolar disorder and the mechanism that is associated with this disease.

'‘With the help of EthoVision I can record the behavior for six days and in the same time I’m doing online analyzing with the software, but still, we save the videos. It’s very helpful, because then I can assess the behavior of rats for a long time, which is not possible with another behavioral set-up.’’ The video shown below shows Mina’s satisfaction with EthoVision XT, and how it makes her research easy and controllable.

What our users say

Another outcome of the survey that we’re very proud of, was that the overall opinion/rating of EthoVision XT is, with 89% of the users who filled in the survey, good to very good! We picked out our favorite review quotes from our users to highlight here for you:

“EthoVision has been crucial for high throughput behavioral experiments in our department. We hardly have detection issues, and the software is easy to use.”, - Karienn Souza Montgomery

“EthoVision is a great resource for behavioral scientists - the time saved is invaluable!” - Fiona Hollis

“EthoVision is the best available tool for tracking cephalopods in behavioral studies, despite being designed for rats and mice! It has improved the speed and accuracy of our analysis workflow hugely, and we recommend it to our colleagues all the time.” - Robyn Crook

“EthoVision provides a great platform for running behavioral experiments. It would benefit people who consider all aspects with respect to acquiring quality data. I recommend researchers to avail the edge which EthoVision offers for behavioral neuroscientists.” - Vijayakumar Kapgal

“Noldus has been a game-changer in the field of behavioral sciences.” - Stefano Tarantini

“Tracking insect behaviors precisely has been a profound desire of insect ecologists which only came true late in 20th century by Noldus group.” - Jalal Shirazi

EthoVision XT as educational tool

EthoVision XT can be used by young and old, as the University of Groningen shows. Jocelien Olivier, professor in developmental behavioral neuroscience at the University of Groningen helps students to get to know everything about neuroscience with EthoVision XT as their tool.

"The reason why we chose EthoVision is because we use this program as well for our own research. It is very nice, because you can use it with various experiments." If you want to learn more about the use of EthoVision XT at the University in Groningen, check out the video below!


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