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Using EthoVision XT as an educational tool

As a professor in developmental behavioral neuroscience, Jocelien Olivier works at the University of Groningen, at the GELIFES Institute. In the minor Neuroscience, which is a university broad minor, she and her colleagues show students what neuroscience is all about. For example, she wants students to get in touch with 'how do we score behavior'. 


Practical 'Tracking behavior' with EthoVision

The study of Jocelien Olivier is about the effects of antidepressant use during pregnancy. In the experiment, her research team used healthy female rats. From day one of pregnancy, the rats were treated with fluoxetine for 6 weeks. Control rats were treated with water. The offspring of these pregnant females was tested during adulthood (12 weeks of age) for their anxiety-like behavior in an open field test. 

During the practical, the students run the movies of the experiment in EthoVision XT and investigated whether treatment with fluoxetine increases the anxiety levels in the offspring rats.


Customer quote

"Our students are using EthoVision XT during their practical. The software is easy to handle, the students explore how they can use the program. In the end we always hear that they really like this practical." 

Dr. J.D.A. Olivier|University of Groningen, The Netherlands


Using EthoVision as an educational tool

EthoVision XT is the perfect tool to train your students in doing behavioral tests. Jocelien Olivier has particularly good experiences with this, as you could see in her movie! Want to try it yourself? Dr. Olivier has kindly provided us with educational materials to share with you. These work in perfect combination with the EthoVision XT free trial you can download for your student computers.


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