8 reasons why EthoVision XT is the superior video tracking software

8 reasons why EthoVision XT is the superior video tracking software

Posted by Steffen van Heijningen on Thu 28 Sep. 2023 - 2 minute read

In the realm of behavioral research, the need for sophisticated and user-friendly video tracking software is paramount. EthoVision XT stands out as the superior choice, offering a plethora of features and benefits that save time and enhance user experience compared to other software like ANYmaze and DeepLabCut. Here’s why EthoVision XT is the preferred choice for researchers around the globe.

1. Time-efficiency and user-friendly interface

EthoVision XT is renowned for its fast and easy setup, allowing even inexperienced users quickly to get started. The automatic detection settings and intuitive interface enable users to upload videos in a batch and receive analysis results in a matter of seconds or minutes, as opposed to hours, saving invaluable time compared to other platforms like ANYmaze.

save time with ethovision

2. Advanced tracking algorithms

EthoVision XT employs the most advanced tracking algorithms, including superior detection methods and deep learning technology. This allows researchers to track animals in all conditions imaginable, such as tethered setups or even with obscured sight of the animal. These state-of-the-art tracking algorithms are accessible at the click of a button, eliminating the need for complex coding required by platforms like DeepLabCut.

3. Versatility in animal tracking

The software’s superior detection methods are not limited to rodents. EthoVision XT has proven to be an essential tool for tracking various species, including fish, insects, and livestock, making it a versatile choice for diverse research needs.

4. Transparency and control

Unlike other behavioral software tools that operate as a ‘black box’, EthoVision XT offers full insight and control. Researchers know exactly where their data is coming from and can adjust data points as they see fit, ensuring transparency and reliability in the research process.

5. High-throughput and high-content analysis

EthoVision XT can track up to a hundred arenas and up to 16 animals per arena simultaneously. It offers a substantial amount of parameters available for analysis, including trial duration, time in zone, distance to zone, distance moved, velocity, and many more, providing comprehensive insights into animal behavior.

6. Cost-effective solution

With a low price tag, EthoVision XT offers the best value for money. The base version provides access to all essential tracking methods, and the software is scalable to individual budgets and needs, allowing researchers to customize it according to their specific requirements with a plethora of modules.

BUYER'S GUIDE: The perfect video tracking setup

Interested in creating a video tracking setup, but you don’t know where to start? Then this buyer’s guide is for you!

  • Benefits of video tracking software
  • Additional equipment options
  • The ideal setup for your study

7. Worldwide recognition and validation

With 30 years of experience and evolution, EthoVision XT is the most used and validated video tracker in the world, used at almost 4000 sites worldwide and validated in thousands of publications in renowned journals. It is by far the most cited video tracking system, ensuring that work done using EthoVision XT gets published faster and easier.

ethovision publication power

8. Support and assistance

Noldus offers EthoVision XT users help along the way with templates, built-in video tutorials, and a searchable user manual. Additionally, Noldus provides free technical support worldwide, ensuring that users have assistance whenever they need it. Need even more support, access to the upcoming Noldus Academy and free upgrades? Then make sure to check out if NoldusCare is something for you.


EthoVision XT’s advanced features, user-friendly interface, versatility, and worldwide recognition make it the superior video tracking platform in behavioral research. It stands out for its time-efficiency, advanced tracking algorithms accessible at the click of a button, and its transparency and control over the research process, making it a much more user-friendly and reliable choice compared to ANYmaze and DeepLabCut. Whether you are a novice or an experienced researcher, EthoVision XT is designed to meet your needs and ensure you can advance your research.

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