UX / Neuroscience lab in the spotlight

UX / Neuroscience lab in the spotlight

Posted by Natasja Bogers on Thu 25 Jun. 2020 - 1 minute read

Marie-Laure Di Fabio is a senior User Researcher at Desjardins Group, Canada’s leading financial cooperative group. One of my colleagues had the pleasure to meet up with her in Montreal end of 2019 to discuss their UX research and UX / Neuroscience lab.

Desjardins Group entrusted Marie-Laure with implementing its new research laboratory, the LabUX. After a successful launch in June 2019, the LabUX team has been designated the innovation of the year for the digital transformation at Desjardins. Congratulations from the Noldus team!

UX / Neuroscience lab in the spotlight

So what brought about this prize? Let’s have a look at this innovative laboratory in Montreal, Canada where they find out what the real user experience is.

UX Research at Desjardins Group

Desjardins Group aims to offer the best online experience possible. When developing digital solutions like a website or an app, the value for the final customer needs to be maximized. Improving the user experience for end users of any product is key.

With feedback from customers collected in the LabUX, Desjardins Group improves this user experience during development.

The importance of UX research

As a senior User Researcher at Desjardins, Marie-Laure Di Fabio is very aware of the importance of UX research. She played a key role in setting up their new UX lab by evangelizing the importance of taking design decisions based on empirical data gathered by skilled researchers and reliable technologies in a business context.

These technologies – nowadays still mainly used in the scientific community – are of great value to corporations. Desjardins Group is constantly innovating to meet the needs of its members and clients and did not hesitate to take the leap forward to enhance its user centric corporate culture.

Showing the lab

In this video, Marie-Laure Di Fabio tells you about the process of setting up their UX lab and how relying on one go-to partner for all the technologies helped her speed up her research. She explains that: “to have Noldus technology solutions allows you to have a clear understanding of what’s happening on the platform”.

She also puts forward that it is as important to have the trustful data streams as it is to be able to present it: “You should be able to communicate the results, communicate the output of your studies”.

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