A story told: using an AV lab to teach skills for counseling psychology

A story told: using an AV lab to teach skills for counseling psychology

Posted by Jacqueline Martinali on Wed 17 Aug. 2022 - 2 minute read

Do you remember why you wanted to become a teacher? Probably because you thought it is cool to be able to teach other people something. That you can transfer your knowledge to someone else. You probably already saw yourself standing in front of a class with students that are eager to hear what you have to say.

Female teacher classroom students debriefing

You may have already imagined how grateful the students are for all the new and useful information you can provide them with. After all, you know it is your job and responsibility as a teacher that students get to learn more about their chosen specialty, the profession itself, and the skills needed for their future job.

Figuring out the best way of teaching

Ideally, you want the students to be satisfied with what they can learn from you. However, maybe this idea actually frightens you. Because how on earth do you do that? 

How do you match everyone's level in a classroom with those entirely different students? Will you be able to cover everything they have to learn in the limited time that is available? Moreover, how do you ensure that they can learn not only from you but also from each other and even from themselves?

How can you make sure the students become the professional they want to be? Especially when they want to become a psychology counselor. Because this means they have to deal with vulnerable children and adults a lot during their career. They have to stand firm for this.

Creating a great clinical space to train students

It comes down to making choices. Always a difficult step: considering all kinds of options, such as learning methods and tools that are available for this and eventually choose one.

Together with the counseling psychology team at Delaware Valley University, Dr. Audrey Ervin, psychologist and teacher, wanted to develop a great clinical space where they could train their students in counseling techniques. She went looking for the most suitable tool that met her wishes:

  • Students learn counseling skills by doing
  • Students develop confidence
  • Mock counseling sessions are carried out in multiple rooms simultaneously
  • Teachers give students real-time feedback
  • The tool is very easy to use
  • Stand out as a university with a special and fully equipped training space

Immediate feedback of utmost importance

In her search, she discovered that there were quite a few practical problems to solve. Which tool was able to record practice sessions in multiple rooms at once? Because otherwise it would take ages before all students have had their turn. 

And when sessions would take place simultaneously, it would be super handy if cameras can be controlled easily from a distance. For example, being able to turn them on all at the same time.

Besides, the system should be able to play back the recorded sessions fast, allowing immediate feedback. This is of utmost importance to increase the learning effect.

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Viso lab as the cornerstone of the program

The team took an outdated laboratory facility and turned it into a multi-room, fully equipped training space for students as they train to become professional counselors. The faculty at Delaware Valley University has proven their dedication to using Viso software to train new counselors. 

Skill-based courses are highly interactive and held in the lab, where students role-play, practice, and learn through hands-on experience. Practice sessions are observed, recorded, and reviewed to provide authentic feedback and growth opportunities. The lab is a cornerstone of the program.

Throughout putting the lab into operation, installing Viso, and getting everything in place, the team got full support of Noldus. They had a great experience: when they had questions or concerns, Noldus got back to them right away and solved it.

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