7 ways to continue your research from home

7 ways to continue your research from home

Posted by Jacqueline Martinali on Thu 10 Feb. 2022 - 4 minute read

In the past two years, many of us have become accustomed to working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this period, we have gathered lots of ideas and ways to facilitate working from home and to continue research projects. In this blog post, we have listed seven approaches for you.

7 ways to continue your research from home

1. Remotely access the coding and analyzing software

As a researcher, you may still have a large database of videos that have not yet been annotated or analyzed. Or perhaps you have some other or even new research questions drawn up which you want to answer with the data that were collected in the past.

It is possible to continue your video annotation, data analysis and/or facial expression analysis work remotely. Both The Observer XT and FaceReader support software-based licensing, which ensures that no hardware key is needed to access the software.

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2. Online facial expression analysis

Capturing emotions by analyzing facial expressions offers additional and objective insights into the impact, appreciation, liking and disliking of products, websites, commercials, movie trailers, and so on. When your research is about measuring emotions, you can continue your study by inviting participants all over the world via FaceReader Online!

With FaceReader Online you can take tests remotely while participants can stay at home and watch your video(s) at a time convenient to them. This allows you to incorporate a much larger number of participants and still get direct insight into user responses. 

Besides, you can integrate the test in your favorite survey tool. FaceReader Online will analyze all (pre-)recorded videos automatically in the cloud and results become available just minutes after the participant has finished the recording.

FaceReader Online is a cloud-based solution, based on Microsoft Azure architecture, offering you a safe, scalable, and reliable solution.

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3. Streaming videos

What can you do if you want to conduct your research with research fellows located elsewhere? How can you join your efforts and watch a video together? For example, when students need to practice skills, but as a teacher you cannot be present at the site?

An option is to make a video of the participants or students with Viso and stream it to YouTube. While they do the training, you can observe them from another room or location. You can even invite a fellow teacher or researcher to watch from a different location, so that you both watch the training video, while it is being recorded. Meanwhile, the safety of the Viso system makes sure the videos are securely recorded on site.

After the training, you can debrief the recorded sessions with the students in a similar way, from your home, using the debriefing in Viso and streaming the video to YouTube for the students to learn from.

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4. Be ready for Post-Corona: Grant Assistance Program

While you might still be homebound, this is the perfect time to prepare for your post-corona research and make sure you have the funding to restart your lab. Your success in securing funds is vital for the progression of your research. We realize that grants—public, private, large or small—are the lifeblood of research. Let us help you with your grant applications!

With over 30 years of experience, we’re more than happy to help you locate and secure your next grant. We offer resources to locate funding sources and assist with the grant writing process, with no cost or commitment to the researcher!

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5. Watch our webinars live and on-demand

From the moment we were all hit by the pandemic, we started to significantly increase our number of webinars. Through these webinars, 30-minute talks, technical briefings, and virtual meet-ups we share our expertise and show you how our innovative tools can help you do your research.

Also, the sessions offer the possibility to connect with Noldus employees, industry experts, and most importantly, one another. By participating, you can expand your knowledge and ask questions to the experts in the Q&A. Good to know: All webinars and online events from the last two years are still available for you to watch whenever you like.

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Watch live or replay our webinars at your convenience!

6. Free one-hour training courses

This may be a good time to familiarize yourself with the latest version of FaceReader or The Observer XT. We are offering a free one-hour remote walkthrough to all users with a current NoldusCare subscription. Please contact us to arrange this training.

In addition, The Observer XT provides you with clear video tutorials in the software itself that will guide you through every step of your research process. 

You can also find many demo's, instruction-, and product videos on our YouTube channel. It is definitely worth checking out! 

7. Lab experiments during COVID-19

Are you going to pick up research with human participants again? Offer safety and hygiene for your participants in your corona-proof lab before, during, and after the experiment. How? What needs to be done differently? What should you pay extra attention to and how to accomplish that? 

Read some useful tips in the post on our Behavioral Research Blog: https://www.noldus.com/blog/research-human-participants-covid-19

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