Top 10 reasons why Viso will benefit your work

1. Well organized

Record training sessions in multiple rooms

The uniqueness of Viso is that you can record in an unlimited number of rooms simultaneously. With one to many concurrent users, and from one to many concurrent sessions. 

viso infographic four videos on screen

viso infographic learn fast how it works

2. Everyone can use it!

Get to know this AV tool in just 15 minutes

Navigating through the program is quick and simple. To understand how it works is as simple as ABC and all the features are very easy to find, which saves lots of time. Viso's clean interface smoothly guides you to an efficient and simplified workflow.


3. No more hassle

Scheduling recordings helps to keep you organized

Set up recordings in advance and automatically start and stop these recordings at a scheduled time. An ideal solution when operating in a multi-room lab in which multiple sessions occur simultaneously.

Viso scheduling

viso infographic set markers

4. Mark events of interest

What behaviors need attention?

Viso is more than just an AV tool. You can tag specific points that stand out during a session, for example learning goals, and easily jump right to those points in the video during debriefing. It enables you to quickly give feedback using personalized markers.


5. Mobile friendly

Accessible from anywhere and anytime

You can start and stop recordings, and view and review recorded sessions from wherever you are on any device, using the Viso Web App. You can join sessions from outside the Viso Lab and invite stakeholders, allowing them to view the session from their own desk.

Viso Web App

Viso Recording data streams

6. Synchronize all data streams

Capture the complete picture

Register how a test participant interacts with a (new) design or record a patient monitor by capturing that full screen. Displaying the eye tracking gaze-overlay or facial expression data is also possible. The screen captures are synchronized with the AV recordings of Viso.


7. Quick video feedback

No waiting time for playing back videos

Recorded videos, including markers and comments, can be played back right after recording from any location. No time to load is needed. This is especially nice because quick video feedback is an effective method to learn and improve (soft) skills.

viso infographic replay videos

Viso videos from smartphone

8. Easy import

Videos from your smartphone

Benefit from importing pre-recorded videos from your smartphone or older video recording system for a simple and easy way of storing, annotating, or debriefing the videos. For example from Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone. A very convenient feature.


9. Multiple data streams in one view

All you need is this all-in-one system

Everything is arranged in one system using up-to-date technology. Multiple rooms and recorders plus facial expression analysis, screen captures, and eye tracking are all connected in one reliable and stable integrated setup.

Viso all-in-one system overview 4 screens

Viso security login

10. Data protection is covered

Be sure of a high level of security

Data protection is completely covered. A user login is required, an audit trail is enabled by default, and the four different user roles determine the available rights and functionalities. Viso is fully compliant with HIPAA and GDPR.


All benefits in one infographic

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