Top 5 Consumer behavior research on the Behavioral Research Blog

Top 5 Consumer behavior research on the Behavioral Research Blog

Posted by Natasja Bogers on Tue 12 Apr. 2022 - 2 minute read

Observational research is becoming more and more popular in consumer science and market research. From on-site behavioral observations in supermarkets to advanced multimodal lab studies, researchers are more and more familiar with measuring and observing participant behavior. Researchers combine for example the measurement of behavioral and physiological data in order to get a more complete picture of the person’s response.

Top 5 Consumer behavior research blog posts

This Behavioral Research Blog post features the top 5 blog posts about consumer science, market research, and neuromarketing that were published in recent months.

Consumer behavior research: On-site or in a lab?

When you need to follow your subjects while they choose items in a store, you can code behaviors on a mobile device such as a tablet, and use an eye tracker to follow the gaze of the participant. Eye tracking glasses, for example, allow your test participants to move and look around freely. 

An observation lab allows for the integration of video, eye tracking, physiological data, and more. For example, in a lab situation you can also accurately measure facial expressions with FaceReader that allows you to analyze and report about participant responses to commercials.

Top 5 blog posts on consumer behavior research

Now let us focus on the top 5! These blog posts on consumer behavior research discuss recent studies and inform you about how researchers carried out their projects.

1. How to measure consumer behavior

Measuring consumer behavior enables you to really know your customers and get key insights into consumer preferences and buying behavior. There are several ways how consumer behavior can be measured. We highlight four of these ways for you in this blog post.

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2. How to build a consumer behavior research lab

A Consumer Lab is designed to allow you to observe your test participants unobtrusively. But how do you build a consumer behavior research lab? Find out more in this blog post, and discover some essential questions to ask.

Continue reading: How to build a consumer behavior research lab

3. Neuromarketing research: Innovative research methods and techniques

Neuromarketing research is a field of marketing that studies consumers' sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli. It is an interesting mix of companies and universities that invest in neuromarketing to gather more information about consumer behavior.

Read the full blog post here: Neuromarketing research

4. Measuring consumer choice behavior

If you are measuring consumer behavior, the setting in which the experiment takes place, can have a huge effect on the outcome. And even though this is a well-known fact to scientists studying consumers' responses to food, still the majority of experiments carried out today are done in controlled conditions in a lab. 

Two recent projects provide new insights into how best to measure the choices that we make. Continu reading here.

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5. Three ways to understand consumer emotions

Really knowing your customer is what you need to design loved products and applications. Therefore many companies are seeking ways to understand consumer emotions in order to predict product acceptability. We've written about three ways you could set up your study to assess consumer emotions. 

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