Top 5 Consumer behavior research on the Behavioral Research Blog

Top 5 Consumer behavior research on the Behavioral Research Blog

Posted by Annelies Querner-Verkerk on Fri 12 Apr. 2013 - 1 minute read

Observational research is becoming more and more popular in consumer science and market research. From on-site behavioral observations in supermarkets to advanced multimodal lab studies, researchers are more and more familiar with measuring and observing participant behavior. Researchers combine for example the measurement of behavioral and physiological data in order to get a more complete picture of the person’s response.

This Behavioral Research Blog post features the top 5 blog posts about consumer science, market research, and neuromarketing that were published in recent months.

On-site or in a lab?

When you need to follow your subjects while they choose items in a store, you can code behaviors on a mobile device such as a tablet, and use an eye tracker to follow the gaze of the participant. Eye tracking glasses, for example, allow your test participants to move and look around freely. An observation lab allows for the integration of video, eye tracking, physiological data, and more. For example, in a lab situation you can also accurately measure facial expressions with FaceReader that allows you to analyze and report about participant responses to commercials.

A living lab!

If you are looking into building a complete new environment, you can think about designing a living lab. An interesting example of a living lab in which consumer research projects are carried out is the Restaurant of the Future. This is a facility for studying every aspect of food choice and eating behavior. 

Top 5

Now let us focus on the top 5! These blog posts discuss recent studies and inform you about how researchers carried out their projects.

  1. How to build a consumer behavior research lab
  2. Galvanic skin response, heart rate variability, and more behavior on the inside
  3. Observations of eating behavior
  4. The facial action coding system in infant behavior research
  5. Neuromarketing - get your face read, your brain measured, and your heart rate checked

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