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Creating innovative tools

Noldus creates innovative tools for measuring behavior, health and wellbeing: from data collection to discover of insights. The company was founded over 35 years ago in the Netherlands and has grown to over 175 colleagues worldwide, in 9 different countries. We have over 12000 customers in about 100 countries; academic and industrial researchers in the fields of neuroscience, human factors, usability, consumer behavior, market research, smart farming, psychology, zoology, health research and simulation & training. 

We are looking for projects in which we can further develop our solutions in consortia together with technical partners and co-create with potential customers (researchers). 

Preclinical neuroscience

In pre-clinical neuroscience (rodents), we are looking for projects in which we can further develop our current solutions with developments woith tasks such as: 

  • Further development of our EthoVision XT video tracking solution, especially social tracking
  • Edge computing so that key EthoVision XT algorithms don’t require a PC
  • AI-based interactive software that uses cameras and other sensors to identify complex and unusual behaviors which cannot currently be measured using current computer vision techniques.
  • Hardware and software platform for sensor data integration and synchronization
  • Instrumented home cage development

 Measuring human behavior

Project tasks developing software for multi-user, multi-modal data integration and sensor data fusion, as well as smart (AI-based) analysis to measure health, welfare, emotions and mental states for research and training purposes are most relevant. Projects with applications in psychology and human factors often fit well with those aspects. This software will be based on our new product, NoldusHub.

NoldusHub core-product

Types of partners

We are interested in partnering with both researchers (who can give us feedback about our product development during the project) and technical partners for knowledge and potential cooperation (e.g. supplying senors for NoldusHub).

Current projects

Noldus is very active in collaborative research projects, principally as they provide excellent opportunities to co-develop with our customers (researchers) and technical partners. We have 15-20 ongoing projects. These are detailed on this page. We are funded by a variety of different grants; national, regional and European. For new projects, Horizon Europe grants are especially interesting, but also industrial grants like ITEA or regional schemes such as EFRD (EFRO) or Interreg are relevant. We only join non-funded (e.g. NWO) projects in exceptional circumstances. 

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Interested in becoming a project partner?

If you are are setting up a research project and think that Noldus could be a partner in your consortium, please let us know! 


We can also help you with your own grant application, see here for more details.