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Creating innovative tools

Noldus creates innovative tools for measuring behavior, health and wellbeing: from data collection to discover of insights. The company was founded almost 30 years ago in the Netherlands and has grown to 160 colleagues worldwide, in 9 different countries. We have over 9500 customers in 98 countries; academic and industrial researchers in the fields of neuroscience, human factors, usability, consumer behavior, market research, smart farming, psychology, zoology, health research and simulation & training. Most of our R&D is  carried out in Wageningen (the Netherlands) and we also have a small R&D office in Budapest. We are looking for projects in which we can further develop our solutions in consortia together with technical partners and co-create with potential customers.



Our key development in the coming period will be the Noldus Intelligent Behavior Research Platform. That will integrate and synchronize multiple data streams, securely transmit and store the data, and carry out smart analysis to produce deep insights into the subjects’ behaviors.

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Human behavior research

We are looking for projects in which we can integrate our tools for measuring human behavior, with VR and AR platforms, especially if written with Unity/Unreal. That includes synchronization with third-party sensors (including eye trackers) and object/behavior detection from computer vision techniques. We want to develop smart analysis of the data, using AI and machine learning to create deep insights into the subject’s mental state (stress, workload, attention, interest, etc)  and other behaviors for a number of domains including human factors/UX, psychology, medical simulation & training, medical research and market research/neuromarketing. Projects which create AI training data are therefore especially interesting.


Animal behavior research

We are looking for projects in which we can further develop our tools for pre-clinical neuroscientists, especially improved real-time integration of behavioral and physiological data and zebrafish behavioral measurement tools. Smart analysis of animal behavioral data with the Noldus Intelligent Behavior Research Platform is also on our roadmap. Edge computing for video tracking is another priority.


Current projects

Noldus is very active in collaborative research projects, principally as they provide excellent opportunities to co-develop with our customers (researchers) and technical partners. We have 20-25 ongoing projects. These are detailed on this page. We are funded by a variety of different grants, national, regional and European.

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Interested in becoming a project partner?

If your are setting up a research project and think that Noldus could be a partner in your consortium, let us know! All the information can be found in this document.