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Noldus creates innovative tools for measuring behavior, health and wellbeing: from data collection to discover of insights. The company was founded over 30 years ago in the Netherlands and has grown to 165 colleagues worldwide, in 9 different countries. We have over 9700 customers in 98 countries; academic and industrial researchers in the fields of neuroscience, human factors, usability, consumer behavior, market research, smart farming, psychology, zoology, health research and simulation & training. 

Most of our R&D is  carried out in Wageningen (the Netherlands) and we also have a small R&D office in Budapest. Hungary is a 'Widening Country' for Horizon Europe, so we can join 'hop-on' projects.

We are looking for projects in which we can further develop our solutions in consortia together with technical partners and co-create with potential customers.

Current projects

Noldus is very active in collaborative research projects, principally as they provide excellent opportunities to co-develop with our customers (researchers) and technical partners. We have 20-25 ongoing projects. These are detailed on this page. We are funded by a variety of different grants; national, regional and European.

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Interested in becoming a project partner?

If your are setting up a research project and think that Noldus could be a partner in your consortium, let us know!