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Noldus Academy

Noldus is thrilled to announce the launch of the Noldus Academy, a learning platform aimed at achieving research excellence through expert training and support. Become a leader in the field of behavioral (neuro)science!

  • Training videos and quizes

  • Extensive knowledge base

  • Your personal guide in behavioral research

Noldus care and academy

NoldusCare and access to the Academy

With NoldusCare you gain exclusive access to our online learning platform: Noldus Academy. The academy provides an array of resources tailored to accelerate your research progress. Quick start guides, meticulously crafted tutorials, and an extensive knowledge base will be at your fingertips, ensuring a smooth and efficient initiation into using our cutting-edge behavioral research technology such as EthoVision XT.

Don't have NoldusCare? No worries, the first introduction lesson is on us! And if you feel comfortable after this first lesson, feel free to contact us and ask about the pricing options. 



Get started now with the EthoVision XT onboarding training! 

Unlock the power of EthoVision XT with our comprehensive training program in Noldus Academy. This training is designed to help you use EthoVision XT to its full extent.

What you will learn:

  • The basics of EthoVision XT
  • Install EthoVision XT, configure cameras, and set up external lights.
  • In-depth lessons on experiment settings, arena settings, trial control, and more  
  • Deep dive into subject detection, activity analysis, behavior recognition, and data profiles.
  • Basic behavioral neuroscience

Learning everything you need to know to master this powerful software and get ready to transform your research. Enroll now in our first online training program and get your EthoVision XT onboarding certificate!


Get started now with the EthoVision XT onboarding training Get started now with the EthoVision XT onboarding training
observer XT academy

New: The Observer XT onboarding training! 

The latest addition to the Noldus Academy is the onboarding course for the Observer XT! This comprehensive training is designed to help you get started with Observer XT, our powerful research tool for behavioral scoring. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refresh your skills, this course covers everything from basic setup to advanced features. You'll learn how to efficiently code and analyze behavioral data, customize your workspace, and utilize various modules to enhance your research.

In this onboarding training, you'll master setting up an experiment, gathering high-quality data, and conducting your first analysis. The estimated course duration is 4 hours.



Your teachers / trainers

Patrick Zimmerman Noldus

Dr. Patrick Zimmerman 

Patrick Zimmerman has been a Noldus trainer for more than 18 years. He likes training people in using our products, but also wants them to have fun while doing so.

Get started now with the EthoVision XT onboarding training

Dr. Marjolein Kops 

Marjolein Kops has been with the Noldus team for almost 10 years connecting people with our products. Her passion is to improve our products to make them fit the best with people’s needs and wants.

Get started now with the EthoVision XT onboarding training

Dr. Kevin Ike  

Kevin Ike is a product owner at Noldus. After years of being a happy Noldus customer, he decided to come join the team to contribute to even better products.

Get started now with the EthoVision XT onboarding training

Dr. Jason Rogers 

Jason Rogers started as an EthoVision XT user in his own research and has been a Noldus trainer for 15 years. He loves behavioral research and strives to inspire users to be excited while using our products.


This is what Noldus Academy can do for you

This is what Noldus Academy can do for you

  • Get started with setting up succesful behavioral experiments
  • Know all the ins-and-outs of our state of the art behavioral platforms
  • Learn how to interpret behavior and properly measure it
  • Learn how to analyze and visualize your results
  • Get the most out of your behavioral data
  • Gain confidence in, and advance, your behavioral research