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Behavioral observation & Analysis

Behavior annotation – what used to be a pen & paper job, is now far more than noting down timestamps and an ethogram. Although that is still the basic idea, The Observer® XT allows you to do anything from the collection of data and data integration to reliability analysis and presentation.

Why you should use it

  • Code and describe behavior accurately and quantitatively.
  • Integrate video and physiological data.
  • Assess reliability and create transition matrices.
  • Share your ethograms (coding schemes).

Publications with Noldus

The Observer XT is used in over 13,500 publications. Get your free trial to try it out!

Annotate animal behavior

The Observer XT supports the entire workflow of your project, from setting up to gathering and analyzing the observational data. Automatically synchronize multiple data streams such as video, audio, and physiology.

You can extend your system with different modules or other Noldus products, creating the system you need for your research. Use Pocket Observer for on-the-go scoring or include MediaRecorder software for synchronized recordings of up to 8 different audio/video streams.

Code behaviors accurately

The Observer XT is designed to reduce the amount of work and simplify behavioral coding. You can record subjects, behaviors, and modifiers by typing shortcut key codes, allowing you to keep your eyes on the scene, while coding at great speed. Or just click the behaviors with your computer mouse. The time of each code is recorded automatically and errors are prevented by an on-line check. Up to 1024 characters per event can be used to comment on behaviors or write down notes. Text is presented in the event log and in a separate window.

Observer scheme
The Observer XT functions as a software platform: Integrate data streams from a variety of sources.

AV recording made easy

MediaRecorder is ideal for researchers that study animals at different locations (laboratories, stables, in the zoo) or from different angles, and that want to combine these recordings into one video file and with The Observer XT or EthoVision® XT projects. MediaRecorder has been validated in husbandry and welfare studies, domestic pets studies, and several neuroscience applications.

Customer testimonial

“The Observer XT helps us to assess our animal's welfare.”

Dr. Godelieve Kranendonk  |  Stichting AAP, Rescue Centre for Exotic Animals / Animal Advocacy and Protection, the Netherlands

Who uses it?

Observing animal behavior is done in a wide variety of research areas, from fundamental neurosciences to wildlife behavior studies or farm animal welfare studies. The Observer XT allows multiple signals (video, audio, physiology, etc) to be synchronized and analyzed together, making it the ideal tool for many researchers.

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