Observation lab

Behavior Bay

Behavior Bay is the first and most complete observation lab facility in Silicon Valley where all key tools for the study of human behavior and human-system interaction are available, accessible, and operational.

This facility is an initiative of Noldus Information Technology and Coitcom, a leading AV integrator. Together, we have 60 years of experience and counting. We are dedicated to tailoring custom solutions to your exact needs, and can provide you with everything you require to make your project a success.


What we offer

  • Demonstration of Noldus software, hardware, and integrated solutions
  • Lab space rental
  • Recruiting participants for your project
  • Remote assistance with ideation, study designs, and the use of Noldus software
  • On-site training and consulting services
Behavior Bay Observation Lab Coitcom Silicon Valley

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User testing and multimodal insights discovery

In an ever-changing environment, knowing what your users experience is key. You need to understand them in order to be able to select and design the features and product that best match their needs, solve their pain points, and bring them meaningful innovation.

We're here to help

Behavior Bay offers the unique advantage of using Noldus software and integrated solutions to facilitate your research. With our software tools, you will get qualitative data from your UX tests and you will discover multimodal insights:

  • Viso®: Our state of the art solution for creating A/V recordings, annotation, and playback
  • FaceReader™: The premier automated system for the recognition and analysis of facial expressions in an objective and unobtrusive manner
  • The Observer XT®: An ideal data integration platform that allows you to code and describe behavior, automatically synchronize multiple data streams, and assess reliability
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Why Behavior Bay?

  • Benefit from an ideal combination of Noldus and Coitcom advantages: human behavior research software, completely integrated lab setups, audio and video equipment, and custom facilities
  • Convenient location in Silicon Valley
  • Expert staff available on-site for demonstration, test supervision, research, and consultancy
  • Renting our space provides you with the following advantages:
    • Access to an affordable research solution
    • Extra capacity on a temporary basis
    • The ability for those interested in purchasing Noldus products to try them out before purchasing
    • Use of our consultancy services, including assistance with project execution, data analysis and insight generation, and group instruction on Noldus software and hardware
  • As a company built for researchers, by researchers, you can count on us to help translate your research questions into practical and proven solutions

Partners in the industry

Noldus works closely with partners to realize the best user testing research and solutions. If you are interested in an onsite demonstration of their products, we would be happy to set one up.

  • BIOPAC: Collect and acquire physiological data acquisition, such as heart rate and skin conductance
  • Tobii: Understand user intention by collecting eye-tracking data, such as Areas of Interest (AOI)
  • CubeHX: The cloud-based software platform that combines eye tracking, emotion reading, and biometric technology to give you new and better insights into behavioral data

Industries we work in include usability, medical, consumer, research, and more! Feel free to get in touch with us to learn how we can help you.

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Facility overview

  • Observation room with dedicated screen for each software tool
  • Control room – includes 86 inch screen
  • Conference room
  • Downstairs flex space that can be adapted to your needs
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Remote viewing capability
  • Access to consulting services
  • Great location with nearby public transport and dedicated parking
  • High speed WiFi

How to get there