Market Research: Expression Analysis in Health Research

Noldus Information Technology develops professional software, systems and services for observational and behavioral research. Scientists, engineers, and practitioners use our products to study behavioral processes, automate measurements, improve the quality of their data, increase productivity, and make optimal use of their resources.  

One of Noldus’ main products is FaceReaderTM, software for automated analysis of facial expressions. FaceReader is used for a wide range of applications, varying from psychology to consumer behavior and human factors research. Researchers who need very detailed analysis can use FaceReader to analyze the activation of a set of Action Units as defined in the Facial Action Coding System (FACS). Researchers can also define their own custom expressions. FaceReader offers the possibility to define algorithms in a very versatile way by combining Action Units, facial expressions and other measurements such as heart rate or face orientation. Several of the most interesting and challenging applications of such algorithms can be found in health research. 

Our market research team offers student internships ranging from short work experiences for students who are doing their bachelor’s to 6-month scientific master’s internships.  

We invite interested students to contact us. In an introductory meeting, we decide together which specific assignment is most appropriate considering your interest and skills and our needs.

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Vacancy code: Internship

Location: Wageningen, The Netherlands

Contact: Hans Theuws

Our research questions:

  • How large is the community, what are the trends?
  • What are the main applications?
  • Use of tools for facial expression analysis in this application: perception by researchers, what are their requirements, what do they see as possible bottlenecks?
  • What should be our proposition?
  • Is it worth investing in creating this proposition, in terms of potential market size?
  • Identification of scientific partners for validating these solutions.


  • Measuring pain experience by people who cannot express themselves, for example babies or patients with dementia.
  • Use of unilateral Action Units (Left-Right) in research related to facial paralysis, effects of a stroke or the result of face transplants.

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