The Bloakes neuromarketing toolset

Bloakes is a multidisciplinary team, specializing in neuromarketing and behavioral sciences. With a team consisting of experienced marketers and behavioral and neuroscientists, Bloakes has a variety of skills, expertise and tools to help customers. Bloakes challenges the marketing status quo with new insights and methods from neuromarketing by not using the standard techniques, but by combining different techniques for better behavioral and choice predictions.

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The innovative start-up has built its own online research platform for implicit research like IAT and discrete choice experiments. This flexible platform provides fast and flexible research for customer behavior and choice prediction.

Together with the tools and software that Noldus is offering Bloakes and Noldus continuously try to enhance and improve the power of the toolset in real-live and laboratory experiments for marketing applications. For example Bloakes is building a new algorithm in eye tracking software to measure cognitive effort on perception of visual stimuli. 

The Bloakes neuromarketing toolset can be used to test all kinds of static and dynamic stimuli like commercials, packaging, propositions, landing pages etc. Bloakes successfully tests and advices A-Brand companies on improving marketing effectiveness and results. 

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