Zebrafish research

Using optogenetics with DanioVision in zebrafish at Brown University

We visited Dr. Jessica Plavicki, of the department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. She runs her own lab where they are studying developing zebrafish, aimed at assessing the impact of chemical and/or environmental exposure, and genetic mutations on brain and heart health.

The Plavicki Lab is an imaging-focused lab that uses a number of tools, such as DanioVision, in combination with transgenic reporter lines to gain insight into (cerebral) vascular development.



Jess Plavicki: "People don’t think of environmental health as a driver of human disease the same way they think of genetics"

We often underestimate the complex exposures to environmental chemical or toxins we have during our lifetime. Dr. Plavicki aims at investigating these effects from an early stage of development. She looks at developing zebrafish with multiple levels of analysis, with behavior being one of the most important readouts at a functional level.

Watch the video to learn more about why the Plavicki Lab likes to partner with Noldus.


Customer quote

“DanioVision makes it possible to integrate behavior and optogenetics into our research questions" 

Dr. Jessica Plavicki | Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

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