Early childhood development research

Fisher-Price Play Lab

At the Fisher-Price Play Lab in East Aurora, New York, the kids are the real experts! 

Nicole Mackiewicz, child testing researcher at Fisher-Price, tells us how they have proven in the Play Lab that their line of toys, the Linkimals™, promotes learning. They used Noldus' Viso to record the interactions the children have with the toys, while coding behavior with The Observer XT really laid out their findings. 

Dr. Corinne Eggleston, manager of early childhood development research, makes sure to always have her childhood development hat on while in the process of designing new toys. When observing children, and looking at how they play with toys, it's important that they're able to use the toy and they're able to have fun with it. But that it also challenges them so that they're able to reach a new milestone and grow to the next level.


Dr. Corinne Eggleston: "Noldus has flipped the way that we conduct research"

It's very important to us to be able to measure behavior and to really feel confident in the decision that we're making when it comes to creating toys for young children. We want to make sure that everything that we create is just right, and by measuring the behavior, and using the tools that we've been provided by Noldus, we're able to make decisions and claims confidently. 

Watch the video to take a look into the Fisher-Price Play Lab!  



Customer quote

“Noldus tools give us the opportunity to further expand our larger scale research projects so that we can implement new ideas into new toys that can foster interaction with parents and children" 

Nicole Mackiewicz   |   Early childhood development research   | Fisher-Price Play Lab, East Aurora, New York

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