Liverpool John Moores University

Immersive technology lab

Liverpool John Moores University has a long rich history, dating back to 1823. Nowadays its one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom, with 25 thousand students from over 100 countries worldwide. By forward-thinking and forging international partnerships, Liverpool John Moores University facilitates world-leading research.


The Head of the Department of Computer Science at Liverpool John Moores University, Dr. Atif Waraich, is developing an immersive technology lab together with Tracksys Ltd, a long-time partner of Noldus. He wants to establish the lab as a world centre for immersive technology and usability engineering.


The plan is to develop an Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Lab, with a focus on usability engineering for AR/VR. This could help establish what the design patterns are for immersive technologies. The Observer XT enables him to see how people respond to the environments they are put into.

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