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One of the most complete user experience centers in Europe has been installed at Rabobank in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Noldus Information Technology is proud to have designed and installed this one of a kind, high-tech User eXperience Center and has enjoyed working on this collaborative project with Rabobank Netherlands. This UX Center will allow Rabobank to conduct in-depth interviews, client panels, usability research, eye tracking, workshops, concept development research, and co-creation.

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UX Center

The UX Center is a totally new test environment offering numerous possibilities to the experts at Rabobank. Moreover, it gives body to the vision to optimize services and designs to customer requests and needs. New products, such as tablet and mobile phone apps, are being developed and tested in the UX Center. By controlling light, sound, static and moving images, different situations and surroundings can be created. As a result, it is the ideal test environment, representing real-life situations, multipurpose and flexible. Ruben van Loosbroek, Manager User Experience Team, explains “This high-tech lab is furnished as a living room to make test participants feel as comfortable as possible. Cameras, microphones, and advanced measurement tools such as eye trackers are installed to measure behavior accurately. This lab enables us to provide high-level service, now and in the future”.

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Usability research and eye tracking

It is at this brand new UX Center in Utrecht that Noldus Information Technology has played a pivotal role in the introduction of cutting-edge, innovative technologies. In close cooperation with Rabobank, Noldus designed the lab with The Observer XT and Media Recorder software at the core.

The UX Center consists of three rooms, a test room, a control room, and an evaluation room. In the test room, the experiment can take place. Through a one-way mirror researchers can observe the interactions unobtrusively. Different cameras and microphones are installed to record the interactions in great detail. A high accuracy level is vital to high-quality results. All devices can be controlled from the control room allowing the researchers to shift focus when desired. The evaluation room comprises of a meeting table and three large screens. Product managers, designers, or executives can follow the experiment live or review remarkable parts afterwards.


A case – computer application

Consider a test of a computer application. In this specific situation, a test participant is asked to look at a computer screen and use the application according to predetermined instructions. This computer screen is captured by Noldus screen capture allowing the researcher to observe the exact interaction of the participant on the test PC. Moreover, behaviors of the test participant are recorded using Media Recorder software. Afterwards, The Observer XT is used to synchronize video observations with eye tracking data collected from a Tobii Eye Tracker. Combined, this completely integrated set up allows for evaluation of user experience. Researchers can see precisely where test participants are looking, what they are experiencing, and how they are reacting. This UX Center facilitates user-centered design. In short, the UX Center offers the possibility to provide answers to a wide variety of research questions in the area of user experience research. The UX Center is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


About Rabobank

Rabobank was founded as a cooperative over 100 years ago by enterprising rural people, who had virtually no access to the capital market. Since then, Rabobank has grown into an international financial service provider with a wide range of products and services, but with the same values at the heart of its banking activities. Rabobank Group offers its clients all the financial services they need to participate in an economy-driven modern society. The Group strives to ensure that its services are continually modified and updated to meet the changing needs of both private individuals and businesses.

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