Tech3Lab Montreal

From data collection to insightful results

At the Tech3Lab at HEC Montréal, Prof. Pierre-Majorique Léger and his co-workers study what users really experience when they interact with technology, like mobile phones or tablets.

In traditional UX research psychometric tools are used to measure the perception of users. Although these tools are important, they cannot help to inform designers what is wrong with a design, or when an interaction is not optimal. Therefore they also use neuroscience tools to provide when and where modifications are needed in a user design, in order to make it more optimal.


Combining behavioral data with Cube

That's when they designed CubeHX, a new technology compatible with Noldus tools. This revolutionary new tool for UX research combines behavioral data collected from human behavior research in order to provide fast and rich insights to professionals developing human experiences. Their research is focused on shortening the cycle time from data collection to insightful information that enables UX designers to take actions.

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