University of Rouen

Behavioral Analysis Facility

Dr. Jean-Claude do Rego and Dr. Jean-Luc do Rego of the Behavioral Analysis Facility of the University of Rouen (Service Commun d’Analyse Comportementale, SCAC), are evaluating the behavioral and functional activities of new pharmacological drugs.


Customer quote

"Because of automatic measurement, this limits the influence of the user and also limits the number of animals that are used, and also limits the stress that you give to the animal. So that we gain in quality."

Dr. J. do Rego|Behavioral Analysis Facility Rouen, France


Why PhenoTyper

Previously they used three or four devices for different tests. After discussions with Noldus, they chose the PhenoTyper cages because this type of device enabled them to perform multiple tests in one environment. Would you like to learn more? Contact our scientific sales consultants to discuss your research.

PhenoTyper open field white mouse rat
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