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The role of sensory evaluation

Prof. Susan Duncan was a professor in Food Science & Technology at Virginia Tech. She focused on the role of flavor, sensory quality, and nutrient value of food. With the help of FaceReader, she captured how people are interacting with and responding emotionally to food products.


Screenshot FaceReader consumption behavior boy eating melon

How do we experience food consumption?

In response to seeing, smelling or tasting food, facial expressions demonstrate how we react to the particular food. Maybe it smells disgusting, does the weird color makes us feel anxious, or does the experience of the tasty food gives us a happy feeling. Often, these are ‘in-the-moment-responses’ which we are not aware of. FaceReader can help study these unconscious consumer responses.


The role of sensory evaluation: How do people interact with food?

Using Noldus software like FaceReader in Virginia Tech's lab expands on traditional sensory evaluation technologies and makes it possible to try and discover new things. To be able to use machine learning for capturing how people respond to products is amazing. 

Watch the video to learn more about Noldus' tools.

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