HCI International 2023

25th International conference on Human-Computer Interaction

NoldusHub CTA

Are you excited to connect and get inspired at the upcoming HCI International 2023 ? So are we!

The 25th International conference on Human-computer Interaction takes place from July 23 – July 28, 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark. You'll find us in our booth at the Exhibit Show, that starts on July 26. 

Of course, we hope to see you there and have a chat about your research achievements and your goals for the future. 

Join us as we display Noldus’ latest innovations and tools for human factors and user experience research, including our newest all-in-one integrator, synchronizer, and data visualizer NoldusHub.



In order to understand a person’s motivation and emotional state, multimodal research is the way forward! NoldusHub® is our all-in-one platform for human behavior studies, designed to save time and easily achieve trustworthy high-quality measurements and direct insights. 

The platform collects data from a webcam, eye-tracking device, and several physiological devices. From setting up to connecting all these devices and from recording to visualizing in a clear way, NoldusHub makes multimodal research easy.

NoldusHub at the core of your lab

Remote viewing viso web app combined view iphone psychology

Capturing human behavior with Viso

With Viso®, you can create high quality audio and video recordings with detailed markings of multiple groups and departments, in multiple locations at once. Viso's clean interface easily guides you to an efficient and simplified workflow. 

During a session, the behaviors of your participants can be captured from different angles with the remotely-controlled Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, even remotely controled via the Web App. 


Measure facial expressions with FaceReader

FaceReader™ automatically analyzes facial expressions such as happy, sad, scared, disgusted, surprised, and angry. Even custom expressions, such as interest, excitement, and boredom can be measured. 

FaceReader software is fast, flexible, objective, accurate, and easy to use. It immediately analyzes your data. Whether your test participant is a baby, a child, an adult, or an older person, FaceReader adjusts the analysis to the model that best fits your research. 


25th July to 28th July 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark