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Measuring Behavior 2024

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The 13th International Conference on Methods and Techniques in Behavioral Research is the premier interdisciplinary event for scientist and practitioners concerned with the study of human and animal behavior. This unique community and its biannual conference focuses on methods, techniques and tools in behavioral research in the widest sense.  


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EthoVision XT

EthoVision XT is the most widely applied video tracking software that tracks and analyzes the behavior, movement, and activity of any animal. 

Over the last 25 years, EthoVision XT has evolved from video tracking software into a software platform.  



NoldusHub is the brand-new all-in-one research platform for human behavior studies. This software suite will streamline multimodal research from start to finish, providing high-quality data, and insights into human behavior.

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Animal Solutions

DanioVision - Looking for a zebrafish larvae research tool? DanioVision is the complete system designed for high-throughput tracking of zebrafish larvae and other small organisms. 

PhenoTyper - Is an instrumented observation cage to measure and test the behavior of laboratory rodents. Every cage is equipped with a top unit that contains LED units, a camera, and a range of optional sensors and stimuli. 

CatWalk XT - Is a complete gait analysis system for quantitative assessment of footfalls and locomotion in rats and mice. 


Human Solutions

The Observer XT - Is the most complete software for behavioral research. Supporting you from coding behaviors on a timeline and unraveling the sequence of events to integrating different data modalities in a complete lab 

FaceReader - To gain accurate and reliable data about facial expressions, FaceReader is the most robust automated system that will help you out. 

Viso - Is the easy-to-use solution for creating video and audio recordings in order to capture behaviors and interactions of your participants, and to educate, train, and improve skills of students and professionals. 



15th May to 17th May 2024
Aberdeen, Scotland