SfN 2023

Neuroscience 2023

Washington SfN 2023

We are coming to Neuroscience 2023, the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience meeting this November! 

Meet Noldus at Neuroscience 2023

Make sure to come visit us in our booth #1223 at SfN 2023 to learn more about our behavioral neuroscience research tools, and how our services can help you advance your research!

We look forward to meeting you in Washington, D.C. from the 11th till 15th of November!


Free e-book

Basic behavioral neuroscience in rodents

Want some more literature on the basic (behavioral) neuroscience in rodents? Download our free e-book. In this guide we explain why and how we investigate specific types of behaviors. Our goal is to help you advance your research by providing high quality products and accurate information at a high level. 


Meet the Product Manager - free sessions in our booth

Do you need a little bit of help with your EthoVision XT setup to best answer your research questions? Or do you want to discuss some of the challenges with your gait analysis experiments? Maybe you are wondering what PhenoTyper configurations are possible and what would suit your study? This is your chance to discuss it one-on-one with one of our experts.

Any questions or challenges you face with Noldus neurobehavioral research tools, we will happily try to answer for you. Whether you are still considering a set-up or already working with the software or tools. We have several experts available to meet you in our booth at Neuroscience 2023.

It’s free of charge but spaces are limited, so book today and don't miss out!


$500! – WINNERS

We’ve asked you to send in your presentation or poster (abstract) at Neuroscience 2023 if you have done research with Noldus tools (like EthoVision XT, CatWalk XT, DanioVision or PhenoTyper). Many of you did! As a result, we compiled a nice program book. You can pick it up at our booth #1223. 

Of course we also picked two winners! The lucky ones are Maricela Martinez and Bethany Kondiles.

Congratulations to Maricela Martinez and Bethany Kondiles! They are both winners of our $500 cash prize.


Maricela Martinez is a PhD student in the Mahler lab at the Department of Neurobiology & Behavior of the University of California, Irvine. She used EthoVision XT to measure behavior in rats after exposue to THC (a cannabinoid drug) during adolescence, which can lead to long-term changes in brain function and increase susceptibility to opioid addiction. She will present her findings with a poster on November 13th between 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM in WCC halls A-C (PSTR228 session)

Dr. Bethany Kondiles is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia, and she has used the CatWalk XT to examine the potential of repurposing the drugs metformin and clemastine to improve recovery from spinal cord injury (SCI), particularly by promoting remyelination. She will present the outcomes in a nanosymposium on November 14th between 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM in WCC 140 (NANO64 session).

Both winners have been contacted. Congratulations!


EthoVision XT 

The most advanced automated video tracker on the market! EthoVision XT incorporates deep learning technology, which uses trained neural networks to give accurate multiple body point tracking at the push of a button! There is no need for complex coding or intricate setup.

EthoVision XT outperforms it's competitors on many levels. From faster, and automated scoring, to a user friendly, intuitive interface and plug and play hardware integrations, such as the Ugo Basile fear conditioning system.

Our newest version: 17.5 also offers the option to import and analyze the data input from Live Mouse tracker, an open-source system that can simultaneously track and monitor the activity of four mice in a rich environment.

EthoVision XT for zebrafish

EthoVision XT's superior detection methods is not limited to rodents. In (zebra)fish EthoVision XT has also proven to be an essential tool to measure anything from learning and memory, social behavior and even the integration with optogenetics. Make sure to take a look at the full overview of behavioral tools for fish and other aquatic species.

ethovision versus anymaze

CatWalk XT footprints and rat catwalk in the back

Upcoming innovations in CatWalk XT

Next year, we expect the release of CatWalk XT 10.7. This is a 64-bit version, which means it can claim a lot more system memory. Long story short: the run videos can have a much longer duration.

There are many circumstances where this would be a great advantage, for example with specific disease models that walk very slowly (like ALS mice).

If you already own CatWalk XT 10, you will be able to upgrade for free. No additional hardware upgrades are required.


NEW: the PhenoTyper 2

This year we are releasing the new PhenoTyper 2 Top Unit. A top plate that contains both infrared (IR) and white light and designed to fit additional modules to suit your study.

The center space is intended for a camera, that you can easily switch out according to your needs. Fiberoptics (optogenetics) or cables (mini microscope) can be fed through a hole in the central module.

The additional eight spaces around can be used for a variety of modules, such as sound and light. These are not yet available, but will be in the future. Third party and private users can also develop there own modules if one desires

The new top unit is fully backwards compatible and will fit with the old PhenoTyper walls and add-ons.

  preliminary PhenoTyper Top Unit


11th November to 15th November 2023
Washington, DC, USA