Studying insect behavior with EthoVision XT

insect in EVXT

In this upcoming webinar you will get an overview of all the ways you can use EthoVision XT to track movement, behavior, and activity of insects, larval or adult, walking or flying.

Date | Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Time | 4pm CEST / 10am EDT

Duration | 60 minutes


Insect studies

EthoVision XT can track insects of all sizes in a wide variety in setups, from well plates to olfactometers to windtunnels. The majority of behavioral insect studies focus on general locomotor behavior. Assessing movement-based parameters like speed, angle, position, distance moved, and mobility is easily done with EthoVision XT video tracking, and delivers a wealth of data.

Learn how to work with EthoVision XT

  • Reliable tracking of any insect
  • Tracking multiple subjects in multiple arenas
  • Extensive data selection and analysis


Wilant van Giessen

Wilant van Giessen

Wilant van Giessen received his MSc in Entomology from Wageningen University in The Netherlands, with stints in London and Georgia (US). After working in a USDA research lab in Charleston, SC, he moved to Asheville where he has worked for Noldus for the last 20 years, first in Sales, then in Tech Support and Training.



6th December 2022
Virtual meeting

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