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AV Recording & Debriefing

Our user-friendly audio/video software tool Viso® is what you are looking for to facilitate your training and debriefing sessions.

Why you should use Viso

  • Reliable and scalable AV solution to train and educate students and professionals, enhance teamwork training, or examine interactions.
  • Capture naturalistic behavior in an unobtrusive manner and in a safe environment to gain insights into processes, human performance, and communication.
  • Recordings are immediately available for playback and debriefing to provide valuable feedback.

The easy-to-use video debriefing tool for education and training

Video feedback is key to objective assessment, it enables students and professionals to see and hear what really happens. This makes Viso a perfect solution for education and training facilities. It records all audio and video feeds in perfect sync and captures behaviors during training sessions in great detail. Programs that use simulation, carry out mock interviews, test technical and non-technical skills can all benefit from the efficient workflow of Viso.

View sessions live and assess student performance by marking events of interest and setting comments during or after recording. With a simple key press, you can note where things go right or where improvement is needed. A session can be scheduled in advance and cover an unlimited number of rooms.

Immediate playblack enables quick debriefing

Customer testimonial

"Our lab and our clinical spaces with the fabulous Noldus technology are a lot different than a lot of other universities. We’ve had such a great experience with Noldus.”

Dr. A. Ervin  |  Delaware Valley University, USA

Debriefing a training

To evaluate the training sessions, debriefing can occur directly after recording to immediately learn from the scenario. This is a great benefit since it allows you to give feedback or discuss the events of interest while the assessed work is still fresh in a student’s mind and before the student moves on to subsequent tasks. Markers enable the trainer to jump right to the scenes that need attention. Were procedures followed? Who took the lead? What verbal cues were given? How did everyone react to one another?

Viso: the AV tool to record and debrief

Simulation-based and group trainings, recorded on video, are the ideal way for students to practice their skills, and to provide students with feedback immediately after training sessions. With Viso you can start and stop recordings independently across multiple rooms at once.

Dr. Audrey Ervin: "We’ve had such a great experience with Noldus"

The effective use of video in teaching counseling psychology. The Delaware Valley University uses Viso to train their (under)graduates in counseling techniques. With Viso, they can receive real-time feedback, necessary to give them the skills and training.

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