The O.U.C.H. Lab

The Opportunities to Understand Childhood Hurt (O.U.C.H.) Laboratory run by Dr. Rebecca Pillai Riddell focuses on understanding how caregivers and children interact within the context of pain.

Research in various settings

Their research is performed in a variety of settings, from their own lab space on the York University Campus to the Neonatal Intensive Care Units of major Toronto hospitals. Noldus and the O.U.C.H. Lab staff worked together to create the perfect lab space. Their lab is divided into two areas with observational technology (including up-to-date audio/video equipment), physiological equipment (by MindWare, LLC), and portable observational computing systems.

Noldus personnel have spent time in the lab integrating all data streams, including the MindWare system, with The Observer XT software allowing researchers from the O.U.C.H. Lab to collect physiological data alongside behavioral event data and video. This provides researchers with an in-depth view of all aspects of childhood pain, and to further programs to minimize and treat.

Dr. Rebecca Pillai Riddell at TEDx YorkU

Why Infants in Pain are Allowed to Think Adults Sometimes Suck | Rebecca Pillai Riddell | TEDxYorkU